The Truth About Italy and the Populist Liberty Wave Fighting Globalism

by Franco on June 5, 2018

The Truth About Italy: Why the Main Stream Media is Ignoring the Massive Populist Liberty Wave Fighting Back Against the European Union’s Globalism in Europe…

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What Really Just Happened in Italy?

“In case you missed it, a political earthquake just hit Europe. An event that has the global “elite” truly terrified. In a most momentous challenge to the status quo in generations, Italy formed a populist government.

Why does that matter?

Because Italy’s ruling populist left/right coalition is both anti-migration and euro-skeptic.

If Italy’s grand experiment succeeds it serves as a template for the rest of Europe and a harbinger of doom for the survival of the European Union.” ~ Paul Joseph Watson

If you doubt this at all, just take a look at how the globalist elite have reacted to the election…

Liberty is on the move and globalism is on the run, on the ropes and desperate to use disinformation in their owned and controlled mainstream media networks to try and divide people and get them focused on fighting each other and distracting them with the usual agenda of hypnotic pop culture nonsense and economic stress.

Infowars Prison Planet New World Order Citizen Cattle Wage Slaves Liberty Movement

The main thing liberty and freedom loving people can keep doing is uniting in their fight against globalism and the corrupt, crony crapitalists and banksters that own and control the matrix systems in which we live.

Keep focused on increasing your own skill sets and value to your market place. Keep focused on your own personal development and real education. Keep focused on raising a good, loving, smart, critical thinking, free thinking, core nuclear family. And educate each other. Share messages and content that raises other people’s awareness to what’s really going on and how the world really works.

Do these things because it’s precisely what the globalists do not want you to do.

They’d rather you stay addicted to the narcissism aspects of mobile devices, social network drama, selfie culture nonsense, professional sports trance states and stupid, degenerate “pop culture” music and hollyweird movies which are loaded with indoctrination.

Simple Freeom Not Globalism or MacronLeaks

People are waking up to these tactics and there is a massive back lack against all of it.

Unplug from their brainwashing propaganda filled “main stream news” and continue to get your content from independent sources that give you the explanations and backgrounds on these systems operate to manage and control popular opinion and how you live your life.

The most important thing you can do on a micro level to stay free and to be able to post on social media the way you want, to raise awareness and educate people without the fear of losing your job or being “character assassinated” is to learn how to create your own work and your own income.

Once you know how to NOT depend on them to give you employment…

Once you learn how to create your own work…

Once you learn how your own work can create your own cash flow and income…

Your level of personal freedom goes up exponentially and then you can truly help wake up thousands of other good people. That’s what I can help you learn. Just plug in. It’s as simple as that.

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