ANONYMOUS | 9 Techniques Globalism Elites Use to Control the Masses

by Franco on December 30, 2016

ANONYMOUS | 9 Techniques Globalism Elites Use to Control the Masses…

Nothing Globalists Do is a Coincidence

9 Tactics of Mind Control Used by Globalism Social Engineers to Create a Population of Domesticated Tax Paying, Work Slaves:

  1. The illusion of freedom.
  2. Mass distraction with “entertainment.”
  3. Dumb down population with “education” system fraud.
  4. Media for Brainwashing (movies, tv, fake news, pop culture).
  5. Teaching hatred. Social division. Racial hatred. Divide & Conquer.
  6. Fear and Terror. Keep the masses scared. Submit and obey.
  7. Fake News. Create a fake reality. Subjugate.
  8. Censorship. Dissenters, whistleblowers silenced, jailed, killed.
  9. Busy. Keep the masses overwhelmingly busy and stressed.

Watch this video.

You’ll know why we focus on helping people learn how to create their own work which creates their own cash flow.

I’ve found the more “awake” and free thinking people are, the more they understand the vision of what we’re really doing. Those kinds of people are self-motivated and never quit.

Because to quit is to die.

Stay independent.

Stay as free as possible.

Start fresh in 2017.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: Wake the masses up. Teach them how to think critically and independently again.┬áTeach them how to ban together and create their own work, trade amongst each other, build their own economies and get as free and independent as humanly possible. Then engage the globalists politically and culturally and destroy them… with liberty.

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