World War 3 David Icke Right Again What He Said a Decade Ago

by Franco on August 9, 2016

David Icke Proven Right Again: What He Said About World War 3 a Decade Ago…

WORLD WAR 3: David Icke Exposed Plan 10 Years Ago…

“One of the elements of where they want to take the world is to a third world war, which they wish to involve Europe, North America, including the United States, and Russia or China.

I was told by insiders in the 1990s, in America, that the plan was a conflict to lead into Russia or China, for this reason:

In the 1800s, letters were written between two high level players in a secret society in which the three world wars were described. This letter included the details of the countries which were being involved and how it would be started.

Global Trade Agreements David Icke World War 3

Manufacturing Synthetic World Wars

It described the first world war, with the Germans being brought into conflict with the rest of Europe and America. It described the second world war in the same terms and said it would lead to a Jewish State in Israel, and a third world war would be triggered out of the Middle East, involving Israel as the trigger, and would bring about the final global conflict, which would lead to them being able to offer the solution to stop this from ever happening again.

The solution?

A world government, and a single world army and the idea of that is to say, “We have a single world army, and we bring an end to national armies and  we can’t ever again have a war.

What they won’t tell you, is that those who have manipulated the war will be the same people who offer the solution to the war, which is exactly the structure of control that they want.”


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