The TRUTH About Putin Trump – Ukraine Russia the European Union and the United States

by Franco on July 27, 2016

Exposing the False Media Narrative about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin: Why the Globalist Neocon Operatives are Pushing So Aggressively to Demonize Russia, Putin and Push Propaganda to Start World War with Russia…

If you are still actively believing the false and dangerous propaganda narratives flowing out of the main stream media, you’re doing it out of only a few reasons:

  1. Willful ignorance.
  2. Confident stupidity.
  3. Complete mind control by Shadow Men*

The truth is easy to find and not even hidden anymore.

It’s just that people prefer to follow along their own selfish agendas, they play the game of political tribalism or they are being mind controlled and manipulated by propaganda pushed by the main stream media, the entertainment industry (movies) and by manipulative political propaganda.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

For a select few, the actual truth and the facts actually matter.

And it’s amazing to discover that, when you dig for the real truth by separating facts from fictions and propaganda, it’s astonishing just how many times their narratives fall apart and are exposed as empty propaganda pushed into the mainstream media for naive sheep to believe blindly and follow.

Donald Trump continues to fly aggressively right into the face of these distortions and lies.

He continues to call them out.

And they continue to get more desperate in their attempts to deflect, demonize, and distort because he threatens to pull the curtain down on their globalist agenda completely.

More to follow…

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