Russia Announces Proof of ISIS Support by Turkey, United States and G20 Nations

by Franco on December 5, 2015

Russian Foreign Minister Presents Direct Evidence of Turkey Buying Illegal Black Market Oil From ISIS Supporting the Terrorist Group While the Obama Administration Considers them an Ally Along with the Repressive Wahhabi Regime of Saudi Arabia

What Else Do You Think They’re Distracting You From in the Mainstream Media?

Russian Foreign Minister, Russia presented direct evidence of Turkey buying illegal oil from the black market supporting ISIS terrorists. In this video we go over the important revelations by the Russians, its consequences and shift of the geo political field.

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Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, his intentions, his past and how he’s managing Russia, but since Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, their information releases and revelations have been first doubted by the Obama administration and there’s always an aggressive effort made to discredit them, however, every single time they’ve been corroborated and proven to be accurate by the west.

Even this issue with Turkey supporting ISIS by buying black market oil from them, at first was denied and now even the mainstream media is acknowledging its truth and the Obama administration is using language in an attempt to begin to distance themselves from Turkey.

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How many more lies will people need to catch this administration in for the people to realize what a completely illegal sham this whole Syria “regime change” crime has been?

Obama Syria

What in the world do we, the United States of America, gain from the illegal toppling of a legitimate government in Syria?

The pretense has been that Assad needs to go because “he is killing his own people.” But that’s laughable now after 4 years of bombing Syrian civilians, our proxy war has killed over 250,000 Syrians and misplaced millions as refugees in what is costing other nations billions of dollars. What a disaster. And for what?

URGENT: THE FOUR HORSEMEN. This is real and they’re coming.

What has the United States gained for its people in return for this failed fiasco?

And to think we just did this in Iraq and Aghanistan and Libya.

How are things going there?

Are their people feeling “liberated” these days?

Is democracy being shared and celebrated?


ISIS and other terrorist, extrem, radical muslim ideologues and criminals have taken over vast areas in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and more civilians are being brutalized by these extremists who continue to recruit radical islamic jihadis internationally and they’re carrying out their terrorist activities throughout the nations.

Congratulations Obama administration. Thanks for the legacy of more death, destruction and war. You’ve shown us just how much difference there isn’t, in presidential puppet politics.

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As a side note, another thing the mainstream media isn’t reporting is that for years there has been an ongoing purge, or sorts, with General after General after General resigning, quitting or being fired by this administration for not agreeing with the policies being sold and executed in our foreign policy.

Now, with this latest strange, terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, I’ve heard even die hard liberal democrats believing in “false flag” operations and “spook spy ops” being perpetrated on the American public with the motive of building up the emotional political capital for escalating war mongering in the Middle East.


We are living in amazing times.

Stay informed.

Protect yourself and your family.

Stay as free as you possibly can.

Earn your income off the grid and away from the corrupt system as much as you can.

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