More Jobs Eliminated and a Solution

by Franco on February 12, 2016

The War to Destroy the Middle Class Rages On

How a Once Vibrant Middle Class Gets Morphed into a Broke Peasant Class

American jobs rotting from the inside out. Market watch reports “ There are now more than 260,000 robots working in U.S. factories. Orders and shipments for robots in North America set new records in 2015, according to industry trade group Robotic Industries Association.

A total of 31,464 robots, valued at a combined $1.8 billion, were ordered from North American companies last year, marking a 14% increase in units and an 11% increase in value year-over-year. Shipments rose 10% over 2014 to 28,049 units.

The biggest increase in robot orders came from buyers in the automotive, semiconductor and electronics industries, according to the trade group. The most popular jobs for these robots were industrial, including coating and dispensing, material handling and spot welding.”

Globalism Banksters Cartel Liberty

Blindsided by technological gains and a sick fascination with Artificial Intelligence, the leftist media spews out reports glorifying an unstoppable race towards the demise of the one thing that has kept America humming along as a global innovator for close to 240 years. Skilled labor.

It’s blatantly obvious that a combination of fundamental factors are leading to third world future United States of America. The needed percentage of the generations following Generation X are no longer interested in vocational education. Projects will simply not be built in the future or may take much longer as the skilled labor is sparse.

Of course, NAFTA,GATT,KORUS, and the impending sovereign destroying Trans Pacific Partnership will and have destroyed millions of American jobs and led cities like Detroit to ruin in their wake.

The robots aren’t coming, they are here. And it won’t be long before automation completely wipes out everything from cashiers, to call center operators, taxi drivers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, journalists, internet comment section trolls. Its abundantly clear, the New World Order global governance that has established itself while we were on holiday and working three jobs is on the verge of wiping out the middle class and converting the remaining populace into a peasant class.

We have all been subjected to a soft war guaranteeing our demise for decades. Of course, you were never told.

Listen to this Corporate Shill Tell 1,400 People they Just Eliminated their Jobs

Carrier Air Conditioner is moving production to Monterrey, Mexico putting 1,400 Indianapolis Jobs south of the border in 2017.

Yet one more reason (reality) to start your own business today and learn to build it. “They” are not coming to help you. Both democrats and republicans take orders from globalist banking cartels.

There’s a deeper, bigger picture making these things happen but at the end of the day, the most real thing you can do is take advantage of the booming solopreneur economy and learn the skills. It’s the quickest way to hedge yourself and build a financial wall of protection.

Even if you don’t work for these kinds of companies, what’s happening is when they go down, it affects the economy around them. Higher paying jobs are eliminated and low wage/minimum wage jobs are created to replace them.

This is how the “War on the Middle Class” is rolling out today and has been for some time. There is a reason for the “Bernie and Trump” phenomena. There is a reason for the anger and desperation and people completely “done” with the sold out establishment.

But “national” politics won’t save you. The machine isn’t that easy to change. Best bet….. learn to create your own money.

Go direct to the people.

Stop waiting for the corporate world or the political world to change diapers.

There’s more power going direct to the people and forming networks and taking massive action. ‪‬

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Live Outside Their Matrix. Build Your Own Freedom & Liberty with Your Own Home Business Online

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Can you improve humanity spreading deception and lies? Can you improve humanity and properly govern society by ignoring the truth or enabling the cultural extremes of certain groups over others even when that includes violence and crimes against other innocent people?

Isn’t it time people woke up to the lies and false narratives, covert deception and overt fraud these political systems have programmed us to believe?

Will we continue to do their work for them and destroy each other with hate, animosity, anger and division they create, support and promote in us to further their agendas to gain, keep and hoard power?

Isn’t it time to fight for real freedom and liberty and work together for peace and prosperity and not allow ourselves to be divided and ruled by sociopaths? Everything is possible when we’re united and working toward our own best interests and not slaving away for political rulers and their puppet masters.

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4 horsemen

What do you think? Because it’s important and it matters.

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