Maajid Nawaz Explains the Difference Between Islam and Radical Extreme Terrorist Islamism to Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, Michael Moore and Al Sharpton

by Franco on January 7, 2016

What is the Difference Between Real Islam and Radical Islamic Terrorism?

Maajid Nawaz Discusses the Issue with Michael Moore, Al Sharpton, Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher

Why is it so hard to prioritize ethics and morality over radicalized religious belief systems in this “modern world” which lives in the era of omnipresent information, education, knowledge, empirical data and communication technology?

And why are these geopolitical conflicts and realities in our world hijacked and turned into political tools of leverage?

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How can what appears to be an extremely fascistic, totalitarian, theocratic phenomena and philosophy among a group of people be accepted and adopted in the “political correct” world of the liberal left?

Germany Muslim Syrian Refugee Migrants Sexual Assault Rape

You would think the extreme acts being reported from inside European countries such as Germany that have chosen to take in Muslim refugees and migrants, including the rape and sexual assaults would almost immediately be denounced and acknowledged, however, here in the grass roots of main street, it appears that so many of these incidents are being politically covered up or filtered or “explained” in politically cleansed ways.

How is hiding reality and refusing to call it out and deal with it, going to help society?

How does that reconcile with people who claim to believe and stand for classical liberal principles and liberal values?

It’s as if the world is upside down and the people being mocked, called out and persecuted in the court of public opinion are those who talk frankly about realities that are actually occurring.

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Can you improve humanity and properly govern society by ignoring the truth or enabling the cultural extremes of certain groups over others even when that includes violence and crimes against other innocent people?

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