Global Warming Climate Change Hoax Meeting of Socialists in Paris

by Franco on December 12, 2015

The Media Doesn’t Want You To Get This Angle About So-Called Global Warming or the Climate Change Globalist Taxation Racket

Are “nations” meeting to save the world or are regimes, dictators, totalitarians and globalist socialists merely conspiring to create a new global tax to economically enslave the poor and decimate the middle class even more?

While they’re distracting you with fear, jihadi bs and bogus presidential election circus side shows, this is going on behind your back and will have dire consequences to your financial future, how you’re ruled and how little freedom and liberty your future generations will enjoy.

Alex Jones speaks with Alex Newman of about the ongoing climate conference in Paris, France.

Some highlights and notes from the video above:

“This isn’t a conference about the climate. They’re not really interested in the science of so-called man-made climate change or the “global warming,” that’s just the convenient cover.”

What they’re really talking about here is massive,  international wealth redistribution and setting up the nucleus of  global government and a carbon tax racket that’s got tyrants, totalitarians, dictators, socialists, globalists, bankers and global corporations all lining up at the same table to divide up the loot they’re about to plunder.

Paris Climate Change Conference

“Essentially every leftist, globalist, socialist, ridiculous idea has found its way into this conference under one guise.”

The plan they’re working on is essentially a plan to presumably end all fossil fuels by 2050, which if successful, will be basically condemning billions of people to perpetual poverty and earlier death.

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We are beyond just the loss of “freedom” in people’s lives and are now talking about people’s actual lives at stake here.

“The press pool here shouldn’t be called the press pool at all, but rather the cheer leading pool. Because you have here a bunch of climate cultists, who believe the global warming scam and they also believe that these governments, these dictatorships that are here en force have the power to change the climate, at least the press pool does.”

They believe that if we slash our fossil fuel use, de-industrialize our economies and transfer our wealth to the third world dictators, suddenly the climate is going to obey us and the temperature is not going to increase by more than 1.5 degrees.

When in fact, when you understand the actual science, you understand that this is just a massive charade and a racket to cheat us out of our money and out of our freedom and out of our national sovereignty.

“These aren’t journalists here, they’re cheerleaders.”

“This is the new colonialism.”

“Where France as a country doesn’t really produce anything anymore and are slated to receive a large chunk of carbon tax, crippling their middle class and economy.”

“This is just a flaming, giant, conscious fraud invented by Enron years ago and Al Gore, on record, to literally, take a cut of all human activity on earth.”

It’s creating a tax racket out of all the economies on earth for the benefit, as usual, of the globalists and international banking cartels and the lobbyists, corporations and political puppets that will position themselves to benefit from this global extortion.

“This isn’t about the environment, it’s about a money racket. It’s about globalist ideology, global taxation and control of the population.”

It’s about demonizing the “gas of life” which is carbon dioxide, which this planet absolutely needs, as vital as oxygen,  and creating a “carbon tax” to pay to the United Nations, to Goldman Sachs and other banks that are part of the international globalist banking cartels to move massive amounts of wealth from prosperous nations into poverty stricken third world nations run by totalitarian dictatorships and regimes that repress their own people, steal their treasuries and create a  constant state of poverty for the masses.

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It’s just a very well organized charade.

You have new token mantras like “climate justice” with piles of new NGO’s clamoring for tax dollars to fight for “climate justice” and other nonsense.

“This is a gigantic new money game, plain and simple and many corporations are jumping on the bandwagon not to “help the environment” at all but rather to get in line with their sacks out to grab a piece of the taxes they’ll be collecting in this global scheme.”

I’m not a cult follower of this new charade and it’s refreshing to hear other voices and other angles on this because soon, what these socialists and totalitarians really want to do is make it illegal to even have any kind of debate or discourse about this fraudulent money racket  and political scheme.

You have to be one severely mesmerized individual to think that a pile of tyrants, totalitarians, corrupt regimes, socialists, global bankers and international corporations would ever come together with such massive amounts of propaganda and hype because of their altruistic desire to “save your planet.”

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That’s laughable. They’re in France to create more ways to force the extortion of more money from their peoples and to divide the spoils. Follow the money. If you truly pay attention to what “negotiations” have been actually about, it’s been about one third world tyrant or totalitarian regime demanding hundreds of billions of dollars from first world nations after another. It’s all been about trying to get as much of the future global carbon taxation pie as possible.

And if they can tax you for creating carbon dioxide (breathing), they can control every facet of your life.

This is just another reason why I firmly believe that if you are a lover of freedom and liberty, you absolutely need to start doing more than just “getting informed” and you have take action to create your own freedom and your own economy so you’re not a sitting duck slave when it comes time to truly get active and fight these ridiculous scams in the future. They’re just stealing from you, period.

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