Clinton Cash The Truth About Hillary Clinton Career as a Globalist Political Racketeer

by Franco on July 28, 2016

WATCH CLINTON CASH: Learn Truths about Hillary Clinton that the Corrupt, Controlled Media will NEVER Show You – The inner workings and creation of one of the biggest international political racketeering crime syndicates in history:

The corrupt and controlled “mainstream media” will never report on the facts you’re about to learn in this film.

Their bosses (working in collusion with the Clinton syndicate) won’t allow them.

Here’s another fact you already know: ALL of the “news” the dying mainstream media shares with you is completely corrupt, orchestrated and nothing more than very specific propaganda pieces shared with the masses in an effort to manipulate public opinion and make it easier to manage, control and rule over you.

Clinton Cash Foundation

The Crooked House of Clinton

The Clinton machine has mastered the art and science of public opinion manipulation and control and if you look a bit deeper, even on open social networks like twitter, you’ll find the truth, the evidence and all the facts you need are hidden in plain sight.

Using the Clinton Foundation as their “front company,” the Clinton political crime syndicate are the absolute operatives of the globalist puppet masters and international banking cartels. They are using classic “cultural Marxist” strategies to enact policy and execute political tactics that help centralize even more political power, decrease civil liberties and move the agenda forward for crony globalism.

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THE GOOD NEWS: By sharing these truths with a committed small group of people who also share this information with others, we are making a massive difference that can change and destroy this rigged system.

Get informed.

Share this information.


Reach out.

Have simple conversations and ask simple but direct questions.


Empower others.

The level of overt, naked corruption and fraudulent reporting of the mainstream media has the people blowing back. The mainstream media complex is dying, with just a 6% trust rating from the masses. Nobody believes their lies, fabrications and spin anymore.

In that vacuum a new, grass roots, “new media” is rising and the “journalists” in this new uprising is you and I… “We The People” and we are having a massive impact.

Our goal is to grow this movement and teach people how to share truth and real stories that the mainstream media refuses to report. It’s one of many specific movements that are spreading organically to fight back against the rigged establishment.

Another phenomenon that is growing organically in the grass roots is the new “free enterprise” movement… a movement of people forming information and educational networks teaching people from all walks of life to start free enterprise projects and create their own income online.

THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED AGAINST YOU: You’re not being “governed” anymore. Hell, you’re not even being “ruled” these days. Today, the rigged system has you living on a tax farm. You are being FARMED. Haven’t you had enough?

Citizen Tax Cattle Sheeple Simple Freedom

The more we teach people to empower themselves with truth media, real information, real education and self directed, independent income creation, the more truly independent, financial strong networks of free people we’ll build. And together, we can push back against this rigged, corrupt establishment and effect change politically as well.

WAR AGAINST THE MIDDLE CLASS: Our middle class is being systematically destroyed. Higher taxes, a ridiculously massive national debt creating inflation on products we need every day to live, more and more government regulations and less and less civil liberties. Aren’t you sick and tired of it?

Save the Middle Class

We’re growing and that’s why we need your help. If this resonates with you and you’d like to learn more details about what we’re doing to help people, click below. If this kind of movement however, is not for you, but you know a friend or two, who may be interested in learning about our movement, then I personally ask you to share this information with them. There’s no cost or obligation in learning more about us.

Our focus is to help bring true liberty and freedom education and training to people and to help bring back the power of micro free enterprise to the masses in the grass roots.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: Welcome to the Tip of the Spear in the New Merger of Alternative Media and Free Enterprise. We help people start their own online businesses and become prolific citizen journalists in the new media paradigm. With our training, tools and programs, you can learn to increase your social media audience, your influence and your income so that you can truly enjoy more freedom and liberty in your life. Free Training Daily by clicking below.

Simple Freedom

Simple Freedom Affiliate Marketing School

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