Freedom Leverage Getting Started

GETTING STARTED: Freedom Leverage Funnel System Private Coaching Club

Simple Freedom Club Affiliate Marketing School

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Welcome to Freedom Leverage.

This is about the most hassle-free funnel you will ever promote into.

Most, if not all of the marketing and selling SPECIFICALLY into Freedom Leverage’s funnel is done inside Simple Freedom Club for you.

All you need to keep doing is promoting and driving traffic into your main Simple Freedom Club sales funnel. If you are new to FreedomLeverage at any level, part of your upgrade includes having your main funnel built for you.

If you want or need your funnel created for you, please be sure to already be a Gold Member at Power Lead System.

You can go into your “Freedom Vault” inside Simple Freedom Club’s back office and click on the Power Lead System offer which will credit the referral to your sponsor.

If you have any questions about buying Power Lead System and want to ask me direct, just text or email me (Franco) and I can help you out with that.

PRODUCT CONTENT FOR ALL LEVELS: Private Facebook Groups for Each Level of Freedom Leverage

Join these groups, depending on which level you bought.

SIMPLE FREEDOM ACADEMY: Click here to join that private product group.

SIMPLE FREEDOM PLATINUM: Click here to join private product group.

SIMPLE FREEDOM ELITE: Click here to join private product group.

I will verify if you have paid your membership fee and then approve you into the group.

All training content, videos, images for marketing, and traning modules will be delivered inside it’s own private facebook group.

All other coaching will be in group or one-on-one at member’s request.

Email support (text, skype, whatsapp etc) is “front of the line” vip privileges.


Just keep building up your Simple Freedom Club team by inviting people to join with your link as free members or into the $35 base level.

That’s it.


Click here for Simple Freedom Club Getting Started Training and Marketing Systems.

We market into the Freedom Leverage system from inside Simple Freedom Club.

The ONLY way into Freedom Leverage is from within Simple Freedom Club first.

This is why Freedom Leverage is probably THE MOST “hands off” bigger ticket affiliate program you will ever promote.

Keep doing what you’re doing to promote Simple Freedom Club.

If you have any questions, my contact info is everywhere.

Franco Gonzalez
cell: 760-271-2810

If you need to contact me via whatsapp or skype, look up my name and cell number or email me first.


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