Facebook Marketing Training How to Monetize Facebook

by Franco on November 25, 2016

FACEBOOK TRAINING: How to Monetize Your Facebook

Facebook is an entrepreneur’s gold mine once you learn a few key concepts…

Textbooks and Training:

** Enviralizer: Internet Marketing Boot Camp | Learn the important basics of marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other major social networks.

** Simple Freedom Academy: Internet Marketing Comprehensive Training | Master the fundamental skill sets of positioning your brand online, generating exposure and traffic, collecting leads and converting sales 100% online.


** Don’t spam. Losers spam. It doesn’t work.

** Focus on sharing value. Be entertaining. Share information. Be authentic.

** Be well rounded in your social posting. Don’t just talk about what you’re selling every single post.

** Create risk free invitation posts to review information that adds value to the reader and also moves people through the facebook platform over to your marketing or content funnel.

** Be consistent. Attention spans are nano-second short on social media. Be there consistently to build up rapport and an expectation for your content.

** Use “content marketing” strategies to leverage the traffic already on Facebook and move some of that traffic to your own blog.

** Take an informative role in your content. Teach something. Share something. Don’t just pitch. That annoys people.

** Use smart marketing funnels to help people move through information that helps them learn about your offers, generates leads and closes sales.


  1. Build an audience.
  2. Mobilize that audience to your offers.

It’s that simple, but you have to get a couple of the steps right for it to work.

For more training on social media marketing, get my courses: Enviralizer and Simple Freedom Academy.

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