Facebook Perpetual Traffic System

by Franco on February 8, 2012

How To Generate Perpetual Traffic on Facebook

Serious Candidates Interested in Working On Our Team:

1. Watch Video #2 Below first if you haven’t already.
Grab this tool: MeetCheap Facebook Webinars

2. Join My Primary Program Here So I Can
Build Through Your Group Together:

Join Franco’s Visalus Team Here

Our training will help you set up a professional
brand for yourself and then we’ll show you exactly
how to drive traffic, build a list, build relationships
and build a LEGACY of Residual Income in solid vehicles.

Call me with any questions…

Franco Gonzalez

VIDEO # 2: How Viral WebCaster and MeetCheap Work
To Help You Leverage Facebook To Sell You…

You should really watch it where it sits
inside my facebook page here to get the
full effect of the value of this resource:

Click Here To Watch Inside the Simple Freedom Club Facebook Classroom



  • thank you!!

  • susan

    just an fyi your link join franko’s visalus team hear is broken, thought you would want to know i got this message in my mozilla browswer Firefox can’t find the server at itsfranco.myvi.net.

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