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SCAM ALERT: The Truth About the MASSIVE ESPIONAGE & CENSORSHIP SCHEME of Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube with David Icke

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Let’s give humanity’s entire social graph to a couple massive (intelligence industrial complex controlled) global corporations… What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s let them believe some stupid geek created everything in some garage.

Let’s not disclose to them just how much influence, leverage and financial backing secretive government run or backed organizations (like DARPA and others) actually excercised in the creation of these “new cool technologies” in the cover story.

Let’s get humanity addicted to giving us EVERY SINGLE piece of data of their life in a constant “stream of consciousness” operation on these networks and let’s collect it all.

After we know we have a massive amount of people (critical mass) completely addicted to our spy networks, let’s then begin to censor and squeeze out any information that goes against our established naratives… let’s slowly make them invisible.

At the same time, let’s amplify the synthetic “consensus” of voices (organic or algorithm bot synthetic) that promote and share our established narratives and agenda.

Group think – on social networks.

Let’s “group think” masses of mentally weakened masses into agreeing with and acting on our established narratives and agenda.

Let’s turn this “social networking” cover story into the biggest social engineering operation in the history of mankind.

Let’s make it so that the masses enslave themselves… and beg for more enslavement.

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