This page is dedicated to the new teammate who wants to get “everything” in Simple Freedom and setup their business exactly how mine is setup.

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The end result.  I market into two main funnels primarily: 1. I invite people to my email list here: The Simple Freedom Booklet Offer 2. And I invite people to our free weekly hangout trainings here: www.SimpleFreedomHangout.com Through those two offers, I market and sell all my programs because the follow up emails and our weekly training hangouts help present all our core programs to our market. And you can always call, text me, email or facebook message me with any questions. 3. Marketing System, Tools & Training. Biz Ops and MLMs come and go and sometimes they’re full of politcal drama. Marketing Systems, Tools and Training never go away. Ever. And everyone in every biz op needs them. So I start with Power Lead System here.  

Some people ask me this question:


“Franco, I want to get setup EXACTLY like you. I want to buy everything and link everything together like you. Do you have a training or a tutorial on how to do that?”

For those people, I setup this page.


1. The Core Simple Freedom Courses & Text Books (after getting your PLS marketing system):

a.) Simple Freedom Alliance. Click here to buy our monthly coaching program.
Just $40/mth and pays a full $30 per member per month residual monthly commission. Build a team here and you’re earning way more in residuals with a much smaller team.

b.) Simple Freedom Academy. Click here to buy our core training product.
Just $150 one time. Pays $100 per sale with 1UP leverage.

c.) Enviralizer. Click here to buy our beginner’s training product.
Just $25 one time. Pays $20 per sale with 1UP leverage.

d.) Simple Freedom Elite. Click here. Three different levels: $750, $1500 & $3,500 one time purchase. The program for people who prefer earning big ticket commissions per transaction. Earn $2,000, $1,000 and $500 commissions per sale with our private Elite Club.

These four programs above are the Simple Freedom courses, products and coaching club and you can learn from them and get my coaching no matter what you’re promoting or existing business/program you’re already building. They’re evergreen and generic.

2. Power Lead System. The Heartbeat of Our Business.

Setup your Marketing & Email List Building System. Power Lead System also works as a stand alone, “one-stop-shop” business opportunity too with a generous compensation plan for affiliates. 

Click here to review and buy Power Lead System.

Power Lead System Builds Your List: The most important thing you’ll ever do in online marketing is build your own email follow up list. That list will be your #1 most valuable asset and you’ll build cash flow long term by marketing to your list consistently.

You have three options:

  1. PLS Gold Membership. $53 per month. Pays $20/mth per referral. Unlimited funnels, pages and autoresponders. Training, Traffic Sources. Everything in one place. BONUS: You get access to all my shared funnels, pages and email copy.
  2. PLS Silver Membership: $29 per month. Pays $15/mth per referral. Unlimited funnels, pages, autoresponders. *Less Training. Still get all the actual marketing system tools in one place. Must purchase from inside the Lead Lightning Funnel.
  3. Lead Lightning. Beginner’s basic funnel. Just $7 one time. Pays $6 per referral. Builds your list. Makes you commissions. Done-For-You funnel ready to go. No customization. What you see is what you get. Internal offer to upgrade to Silver or Gold Memberships.


I’ve made my money online because of how I combine social networks and marketing with my blogging. At some point you’ll need to setup your own blog too. It creates a 24/7 business and store for you. I prefer blogs that are simple to setup and that contain generous affiliate compensation so you can make money from it. Here’s a “one-stop-shop” blogging system that includes a full “business-in-a-box” with a lucrative affiliate compensation plan.


You can combine this with whatever you’re marketing and promoting or you can use it as a full business all by itself. If you have questions, just let me know and we’ll help create a solution that works for you.


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