Enviralizer Training

ENVIRALIZER: Getting Started Training

Here’s what to do next:

  1. New Members of Enviralizer just watch the next video.
  2. Not an Enviralizer member? Click here and join today.

ENVIRALIZER: New Member Training

  1. Login to the back office and watch “getting started” training.
  2. Do what the “getting started” training teaches you.

Got the Basics Flowing? Great, Now Add Some Internet Marketing Leverage:

  1. Setup an online marketing funnel (see options below).
  2. Get traffic to your funnel.
  3. Follow Up with leads, personally.
  4. Below you’ll find some options on sales funnels you can use.

Enviralizer Affiliate Marketing Simple Freedom

Enviralizer Marketing Funnel (option A):

Fully Automated Online Marketing Funnel to Sell Enviralizer

  1. Get Power Lead System
  2. Setup the Enviralizer Sales Funnel
  3. Get Traffic to your funnel.
  4. Go through this funnel and it teaches you how to set it up.

Enviralizer Lead Capture Page Then Direct to Enviralizer Affiliate Page (option B):

  1. Get Power Lead System
  2. Setup a Lead Capture Page (like this one here)
  3. Direct Opt Ins to Your Enviralizer Affiliate Page
  4. Follow up with an email campaign.

** With this option you’re basically just creating a “universal” lead capture page and directing the opt in leads to your enviralizer affiliate page to use that alone as your presentation. You follow up by creating an email campaign and attaching that to your capture page.

SHARE CODE: 344762-enviralizer

Share Code 344762-enviralizer

Install Share Code 344762-enviralizer and Receive Pages Below

Lead Capture Pages:


Intro/Bridge Page:


Enviralizer Presentation Sales Pages:



  1. “Companies You Promote” section: Add following links…
  2. Enviralizer Affiliate Link: Enviralizer
  3. Facebook link: Facebook

How to Copy and Personalize a Sales Page Above

How to Copy and Personalize Any Lead Capture Page Above

You’ll learn how to:

  1. Copy & Edit LCP and Direct to Your Enviralizer Affiliate Link
  2. Copy & Edit LCP and Direct to Any PLS Sales Page You Want

The Process:

  1. Create domain or subdomain you want for the LCP
  2. “Make a Copy” of the LCP you want to use.
  3. TITLE the LCP what you want.
  4. Select the domain or subdomain you want it on.
  5. Select an Email Campaign or choose not to have email campaign.
  6. Select the page you wish subscribers to go after they opt-in.
  7. Fill out bottom boxes with keywords and description.
  8. Save and test page.

Enviralizer Marketing Funnel For SUPER TIGHT BUDGETS (option C):

  1. Get the Lead Lightning Funnel for $7
  2. Insert your Enviralizer affiliate link inside the back office.
  3. Get traffic to your funnel.
  4. Earn $6 on every $7 Lead Lightning sale.
  5. Earn $20 on every $25 Enviralizer sale.

FREE Marketing System for Enviralizer (option D):

  1. Get the “Free Lead System Forever” funnel here.
  2. Insert your Enviralizer affiliate link inside the back office.
  3. Just login and click “Getting Started” and watch video.
  4. Get traffic to your “Link B” with this traffic source here.
  5. Follow up with your leads.

** FLSF is a FREE marketing system that includes a capture page, sales video page and follow up emails. When you insert your Enviralizer affiliate link to the back office of FLSF it then promotes your Enviralizer link in every follow up email and in the back office when other people get the FLSF from you and login. They see your link to Enviralizer every time they login to the back office and every time their open your follow up emails that the system sends out on your behalf.

It’s a free system so there is not a lot of flexibility or any customization. But it’s free. So for people who think they don’t have any marketing budget to own the whole PLS system or Lead Lightning… at least the FLSF is a free option they can start with.

Now you can get traffic here and collect leads using FLSF.

In the back office of FLSF you can upgrade anytime to Lead Lightning for a one time $7 and now you’ll have an income stream and earn $6 on every sale. And from Lead Lightning you can upgrade to PLS Gold and earn more. With PLS Gold you have access to creating unlimited funnels and pages and you also have your own FLSF and Lead Lightning funnels too. You get everything at PLS Gold.

Start wherever you can and take action.

Upgrade with profits whenever you want.

Click here to review and get FLSF.

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POWER LEAD SYSTEM: New Member Training

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