Email Marketing Micro Campaigns for High Profit Margin Sales

by Franco on December 6, 2016

VIDEO COACHING: How to Create Email Marketing Micro-Campaigns and Sell Your Offers to Your Existing List.

Quickly Sell More, Sell Big Ticket, Sell for Pure Profit with Email Micro-Campaigns

You can use these quick campaigns to sell your back end offers like big ticket programs, products, services, coaching packages or any other affiliate offer you want to your existing email list. You can also use a micro campaign like this to revitalize an existing affiliate team.


1. Create a new email campaign in Power Lead System.

2. Add 3-5 emails to this new list.

3. Send Campaign to existing list.

** Once it’s set up it’s then easy to go back and resend that micro campaign in the future.

** Power Lead System is great for this because it allows you to easily create unlimited stand alone email campaigns and it’s easy to click and send to your existing list without needing another “opt in” or “email confirm” so these tight, targeted micro campaigns can easily be created and sent en masse.

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