Artificial intelligence to take over half of all jobs in next decade

by Franco on April 29, 2017

CRITICAL: Artificial Intelligence to Take Over Half of ALL Jobs in Next Decade

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‘Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans in 50 percent of all jobs in just ten years, says Kai-Fu Lee, founder of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures and a reputable Chinese technologist.

AI is the “singular thing that will be larger than all of human tech revolutions added together, including electricity, the industrial revolution, the internet, mobile internet – because AI is pervasive,” the technologist said at the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing as quoted by CNBC.

According to Lee, AI represents the decision engine that would replace people. The tech expert stressed that its capabilities far exceed those of humanity.

The corporations, which Sinovation Ventures has invested in, can accomplish feats such as recognizing three million faces simultaneously or dispersing loans in eight seconds.’

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The “powers that be” are working hard to develop and roll out technology that is set to obliterate over half of the jobs available today. Are you prepared for that reality?

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