Easy1Up Update and Review of Sales Tools and Systems

by Franco on February 20, 2018

Easy1Up Update & Review: New Sales Tools, Calls and Systems for Easy1Up Reviewed

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Easy1Up. It’s a simple affiliate program I’ve had on my blog and youtube channels for a few years and a certain segment of people in my email list really like it.

To be honest, I haven’t paid much attention to it for years.

As an affiliate marketer one of the cool things about this model is that you can be as involved or as disengaged and “passive” about some affiliate programs or offers you promote.

The cool thing about blogging, video marketing and social media is that you can create a piece of content that explains why you like an offer and you can leave it on your blog with a video, some written content and a link to your affiliate page for the product or offer and have people find it on their own.

You can write an email about it to your list every once in a while and drive new eyes to the offer that way.

You can post on social media about it… and you can create update videos about it and upload those videos to youtube and facebook periodically and have fresh traffic go check out your offer anytime you want.

That’s what I’ve done with the Easy1Up offer for years and it creates sales.

The commission is 100% and it’s got like, five product packages people can buy so every time someone buys it, it’s a nice sized commission direct to me, so it’s made it a pretty “low maintenance” affiliate offer to have on my blog and that’s exactly why I loved it when it came out. Simple.

Of course, some of the people who’ve bought it from me take it way more serious and are much more proactive promoting it, which is great too. You can focus on it and use it as a main “hub” to create a full time cash flow as an affiliate reselling it.

That’s what’s great about having ONE offer you can promote and drive traffic into that contains both low ticket (but high margin) offers of $25, $100… as well as big ticket products of $500 and $1,000 which provide a nice big kick of cash per sale. Having that kind of offer under one umbrella online is a great cash creation vehicle.

Easy1Up Power of One Facebook Group


The two big new tools that are helping close more sales of Easy1Up product packages are the LIVE and RECORDED calls for prospects, including the new “generic training” live call on Saturdays… and also the new FACEBOOK GROUP that even “free members” can join to get a feeling for the culture and experience the environment, support, comraderie and training of the Easy1Up membership.

Those two tools alone are a tremendous compliment to the automated sales funnels we already have available to help make this a pretty big “no-brainer” affiliate offer for those marketers that are looking for a solid, sustainable, high profit margin cash generation vehicle that can be promoted and scaled up globally and that has direct pay for the affiliates.

So anyway, yeah…

I love me some Easy1Up.

It’s so much more fun than grinding away in a low paying, high pressure, high control, traditional “MLM” program somewhere and working my butt off for peanuts.

I prefer the simple digital freedom of marketing into the Easy1Up model of affiliate marketing because it allows me to promote and use the full leverage, speed and reach of the Internet and social networks with absolutely ZERO geographic limits.

Have fun reviewing it here on my full review page and if you have any questions, just ask.

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