Tucker Carlson House Report Has No Collusion But Deep State Revealed Communists Inside?

by Franco on April 27, 2018

NO COLLUSION BUT MARXIST INFILTRATION? Tucker Carlson Reports That House Report Shows No Collusion However the Investigation Process Revealed Where the Real Collusion Lies and Exposed the True Deep State and Possibly the Extent of Marxist Communists Infiltration Inside the Highest Levels of Our Permanent Government Institutions…

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Where the collusion really is. Be mindful of what leftists accuse you of. They’re usually the ones guilty of it.

Listen in to the very last couple minutes where they really blow this wide open and talk about where this all came from as they talk about “The Resistance” language of Bill Ayers, “Prairie Fire” (Mao language) and how infiltration by China, Russia and other old school communists entered the political and government system of the country to “change it from within”….

Things we’ve studied, known and reported on for decades but were quickly tossed to the side as “conspiracy theories” are now actually proven and documented facts in the mainstream lexicon and understanding ie “Deep State” and cultural marxism.

Clear and out in the open now and squeezing the population into their idealogical box and pressuring, bullying and intimidating anyone of any influence who dares to speak “out of place”… but to a big degree, people continue to sleep and play on their phone and watch ball games and just…. let the cages get built around them.

What now?

JFK Deep State Assassination

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