Whoopi Goldberg Aggressively Defends Child Rape

by Franco on October 12, 2016

The Truth About: How the Pathetic Leftist Mind Works – Hillary Clinton Supporter, Whoopi Goldberg Aggressively Defends Child Rape…

Exposing Cultural Marxism: How the Mind of  Hillary Clinton and Her Base Supporters Think – the Amoral Regressive Left Corrupt Belief System…

They act like an organized crime cartel. They will defend their own radical leftists no matter what. They get caught in their corruption and deny, deny, deny and lie.

What do you think her position on that would be if the person was a “right wing” conservative or non radical leftist?

This is textbook “cultural marxism” and we have an epidemic of this kind of hypocrisy in this country.

She actually tries to justify child rape (just like Hillary Clinton did in defending a child rapist and later laughing about how she got the criminal off) by using “relativism” and stating that we have to somehow be mindful that the way we in America think about 13 and 14 year old children is not the same as how they are viewed in other parts of the world, such as in Europe.

She implied that raping or having sex with a 13 or 14 year old girl is accepted in Europe, so we should somehow be open and “tolerant” to accepting it here with our own 13 year old daughters?

Can you imagine?

What if that was your 13 year old girl? Would you agree with it then? This is pathetic. She’s actually using classic cultural marxist thinking, relativism, to justify a man who drugged a 13 year old girl and then penetrated her anally. Child rape apologist… yet, nobody in the media makes any serious challenge of it because… she’s a flaming hard core leftist and a Hillary Clinton supporter in the establishment main stream media.

You can bet everything you own, had she been an avowed “conservative” the media empire establishment politicians would have this pathetic video running non-stop in the never ending news cycle for a month until she lost her job and was shamed into oblivion.

But so long as you’re a regressive leftist, and especially a Hillary Clinton supporter, it’s all ok.

Complete hypocrisy.


But it’s no surprise because Hillary Clinton actually manipulated evidence as she defended a guilty child rapist and got him off. Then later, she laughed about it.


Hillary Clinton Defends Child Rapist Then Laughs About it…

Hillary Clinton took me through hell!

This is why we rebel against the hypocrisy and call out the corruption and lies.

This is exactly what the radical left is all about. It’s all bullshit, lies and mind control. They brainwash their “useful idiots” and have completely corrupted the system.

It’s all cultural marxism, all the time and absolute intolerance towards anyone who disagrees. This is how the “matrix” operates and they use the media and establishment politicians to mind control and brain wash the masses to follow them like blind lemmings.

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