Violent Hillary Supporters Attack Homeless Black Lady for Supporting Trump

by Franco on October 29, 2016

Regressive Leftist Hypocrisy: Hillary Supporters Physically Assault Homeless Black Lady For Guarding Donald Trump Hollywood Star…

Hillary Supporters Claim: “When they go low, we go high…” Hign in hypocrisy.

A homeless black woman who defended Trump was viciously abused and then physically attacked by crazed social justice warriors.

After Donald Trump’s Hollywood “walk of fame” star was vandalized by an angry Hillary supporter ‘triggered’ by Trump’s misogyny , a homeless black woman who visited the site to defend Trump was viciously abused and then physically attacked by crazed ‘social justice warrors.’

Can you imagine the ‘main stream media’ outrage if the victim would have been a Hillary supporter and the attackers a pack of Trump supporters? The hysteria would have been apoplectic.

Time and again we see the ridiculous hypocrisy of the regressive left. It’s “cultural marxism” run amok.

They actually practice the violence, hatred, racism and fascistic behaviors that they accuse others of. Without fail, these are the most lawless, violent, political thugs in the country today and they believe they can do anything they want to get their pathetic world view across because they’re delusional about always being the “victim” of some kind of “social injustice” when in fact, they’re just assholes. They are pathetic losers in life.

Hillary Clinton Thugsheviks Violence Cultural Marxism Political Agitator Mobs

SEE MORE: Video Exposes Hillary Clinton Organized Political Violence Illegally…

Paul Joseph Watson of infowars created the video. Be sure to follow him at the links below.

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