CryptoFundRaiser TADA Initial Coin Offering and Creation of New Cryptocurrency Coin RAISR

by Franco on June 3, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: CryptoFundRaiser TADA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Creation of New Cryptocurrency Coin RAISR

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CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding Bitcoin

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CryptoFundRaiser founder, Rick Katz released this update about the growth and additions to CryptoFundRaiser:

Happy Saturday CFRers…

So, we teased about some big things about to happen with CFR and today I want to tell a little about what’s going on.

As most of you know, when we launched CFR we created a new token called the TADA Token.

However, we didn’t want the Tada tokens to be used like the mlm coins we were seeing that in my opinion aren’t based on anything real. To me they are not coins or tokens that have a real future. Their prices are in my opinion simply artificially increased. They’re pump and dump coins basically.

And that’s not what we wanted for Tadas.

One of the things we wanted to do was to create a media company and use the TADA Token for the media company which eventually became The Tada Channel.

The Tada Channel concept has now evolved into a full-on film & TV studio based on blockchain technology. We are in the process of putting together a first class team so we can launch Tada Channel hopefully next month with a big ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

To do this we basically had to “unpin” the Tada from CryptoFundRaiser so the focus of Tada Tokens would be completely on Tada Channel which they now are.


We REALLY wanted a digital coin that WOULD represent CFR.

We wanted a CFR coin that could initially be used as a free bonus incentive to attract new members AND as an incentive bonus for opening new CFR Crowdfunding Rounds. That is how Tadas were originally used before we made the decision they would be better for the media venture.

We also wanted to add more products/modules to CFR as well.

So, this is what is about to happen:

We will be adding three exciting new products to CFR:

The CFR Crypto Trading & Investing Training Program.
This will include weekly live basic training as well as recorded videos and audios.

The CFR Live Trading Room
You will be able to watch as live trades take place. Watch the trading set-ups and execution in real time.

CFR Trading Software
We will be offering specially programmed software that will alert you to potential crypto trading and investing opportunities.

All three of these new modules are capable of unlimited expansion. But they’re only the beginning of what we plan on being one of the biggest destination sites in the world for cryptocurrency investors and traders.

There WILL be other modules added as we go along.

We believe we’re only at the VERY beginning of this cryptocurrency phenomenon. And CFR will be one of the leaders of the pack.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Raisr Coin by CryptoFundRaiser

Two things:

First, with the introduction in a few days of our new CFR coin (The RAISR Coin) you can expect a LOT more interest in CFR, a lot more free registrations from people who want to get their free tokens as well as a big increase in free members upgrading as this will mean even MORE free CFR coins in their accounts.

Free coins are an amazing incentive as we’ve already seen with the Tada tokens as well as other sites offering their coins as a free bonus incentive.

Secondly, because our three new modules will accept CFR coins as payment to access them, you should also see your CFR coins go up in value over time.

We will have a huge focus on generating amazing value for the new coins so that people will SPEND them. And this will create REAL supply and demand; the two things necessary for true price increases.

We are ALSO going to start offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities that Members can purchase with the new CFR coins.

And of course, everything we do will point people straight to the CFR Team Crowdfunder Platform.

Now, this is very important..

At CFR we always wanted to have a heavy focus on ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) investment opportunities.

The problem is, ICO’s have become extremely difficult to get in on. Big institutional investors and funds have begun snatching up all the coins and the best ICO’s are over within 30 minutes.

That leaves the majority of individual ICO investors out in the cold.

I’m not sure if we’ll get into too many more hot ICOs at this point unless they change the ICO system somehow.

HOWEVER…while we may not get into too many hot ICO’s we CAN get into a couple of hot PRE-ICO’s.

We just had a pre-ICO sale for Tada Tokens as most of you know and many of you purchased. And many of you have free Tada tokens.

Pre-ICO’s and free coins are BETTER than ICO’s 🙂

And now you’re going to have the opportunity to grab FREE CFR Coins which we’ll eventually, when the timing is right, do an ICO for them as well.

More news about all this will coming probably on a daily basis so keep an eye out!

To Your Success!

Rick Katz

P.S. For those of you who are already members and free members, don’t worry, you WILL be getting free coins :-)”

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CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding Bitcoin



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