CryptoFundRaiser Internet Funnel Release and Setup Instructions

by Franco on June 2, 2017

SIMPLE FREEDOM UPDATE: CryptoFundRaiser Internet Funnel Release and Setup Instructions…

CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding Bitcoin

Evergreen Funnel Collects Leads and Presents CryptoFundRaiser 24/7

You can review the 3-page funnel here:

  1. Lead Capture Page:
  2. Presentation Page:
  3. Funnel Setup Page:

This new funnel was designed with the newbie (beginner) in mind.

We wanted a fast, replication and duplication-friendly way to help a new teammate get started building their crowdfunding campaign using warm traffic from social networks like Facebook and even completely cold traffic from paid advertising.

This lead capture page and info funnel should do a very good job at that.

All a new persona has to do is click to order traffic to it.

The funnel system also plugs any new member directly to our training and to the CryptoFundRaiser community group itself.


Our team continues to build very fast.

Structure leverage: Because this structure supports the “team building” philosophy, it only has 3 positions available in Round 1.

What this means is, an experienced builder like myself and others can just focus on sharing the message and attracting masses of new people to take a look. As new members join the community, they automatically get positioned in the organization and it helps other teammates fill their crowdfunding campaign Round 1 positions.

So, every single time I invite a new member and they join and fund their Round 1 position with a one-time $50, that helps someone else on the team complete their Round 1 campaign.

When that happens, whether that teammate referred anyone or not, they receive their $112.50 crowdfunding total from Round 1.

What happens next?

Well, that team member then decides to take those funds and donate to start their Round 2 campaign with a one time $100.

Or they don’t.

They might decide that they’re done and take their $112 and go have fun.

What do I see happening?

People are smart.

What I keep seeing is that as we, as a team, help people fill their Round 1 funding they immediately open their Round 2 campaign and as we help them there, they open their Round 3 campaign and so on. By helping people fill their Round 1 using our team building philosophy and our systems and training, it’s helping people finally get results online and they’re using those financial resources to scale and build the bigger rounds.

Your Teammates Follow You into Bigger Rounds

This platform is automatically designed so that your existing teammates follow you, their sponsor, into all the bigger rounds. If you just focus on sharing the message and inviting new people to create their free account and get to know us in the CFR Facebook group and review our information, many new people will join and start crowdfunding.

As they do that and we work as a team, they’ll end up automatically following you into the other Rounds and that’s where things get very very exciting.

Just look at the CrowdFunding Chart again to see how exciting Round 3, Round 4 and Round 5 are…


Teambuilding + Leverage + Bitcoin Freedom

The combination of crowdfunding,  teambuilding, internet and social media leverage and generating funds in cryptocurrency and bitcoin is why we’re really excited to build a large team here at CryptoFundRaiser.

It’s simple to understand.

It’s simple to get started.

It’s simple to share with the world 24/7

This new information funnel should help you in automating a lot of the “heavy lifting” and combining the leverage and automation power of what we call, “Internet Affiliate Marketing” to what we already have available in CryptoFundRaiser.

Just remember to keep it fun and simple.

Click here to review the funnel and complete the setup.

Click here to get some traffic into it.

And I’ll see you in the next update or training video.





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