CryptoFundRaiser Review: How to Turn a One-Time $50 into a SIX FIGURE PASSIVE STREAM OF BITCOIN for Your Business or Charity Funding Using the Power of Crowdfunding and the Bitcoin Global Mega Trend…

CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding

CryptoFundRaiser is a Unique Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Platform Powered by Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Digital Money Global Movement that’s Going Main Stream Right Now…

The sole focus at CryptoFundRaiser is on providing their members with a seamless, simple, safe and completely transparent Cryptocurrency Team Crowdfunding Platform.

CFR’s Cryptocurrency Educational Platform puts you front and center to discover all the possibilities and opportunities in this new and exciting cryptocurrency and blockchain space. A space where such reknown business people such as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and many others recognize it to be, quite possibly, the biggest innovation to hit the world since the Internet itself.

As stated in the CryptoFundRaiser web site, it is possible to generate crowd funding for any legitimate business, charitable or other cause of up to $646,762.50 worth of Bitcoin. It’s dynamically designed into the Crypto Fund Raiser Funding Rounds.

If you don’t use Bitcoin yet, CFR will show you step by step how to get set up. You learn exactly how to turn any fiat currency into Bitcoin almost instantly.

VISION: The Future of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Crowdfunding

The founders at CFR state on their home page, “We believe the blockchain and cryptocurrency market has a bright and wonderful future. We want to help our members learn as much about this market as possible. From an investing and saving perspective as well as a perspective on all the possibilities that are opening up in this industry.”

The Future of Investing in the Cryptocurrency Space

CFR’s founders state that, “Investing directly into coins and companies as well as building coins and companies is what is on the horizon. Investing in cryptocurrency mining operations, cryptocurrency hedge funds and much more. An oil boom is underway in the blockchain technology industry. Nothing like this has been seen since the early Internet IPO days in the 1990’s.”


Imagine… no barriers… no limits… anyone can do this. All it takes is a little bit of Bitcoin to get started. From there the opportunities are truly unlimited and the beauty of the crowdfunding and cryptocurrency space is that it is peer to peer with minimal barriers and almost zero middlemen. Every day people from all walks of life and all over the globe can access this trend and optimize the opportunities.

There is really zero barrier to entry.

The future is happening now and masses of ambitious, motivated people are standing at the very early stages of a huge wave of opportunity.

NEW RELEASE: Fully Automated Marketing Funnel for CryptoFundRaiser

CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Crowdfunding Bitcoin Cryptocurrency


This powerful marketing system is helping all our team leverage and build their teams even faster. To get complete access to it, simply join our team. CFR is just a one time $50 to get started.

You also get our internet marketing training, social media marketing training and access to our daily coaching and content that you can use to promote and grow your team. Start receiving daily bitcoin with us.

Click here to review our automated marketing system for CryptoFundRaiser.

CryptoFundRaiser Crowdfunding Chart Compensation Plan

How to join this Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding community:

  1. Join the community by registering your free account.
  2. Download our white paper and special report inside.
  3. Listen to our conference calls.
  4. Connect with me with any questions.

CryptoFundRaiser is a great opportunity and community for cryptocurrency and crowdfunding beginners to learn and fund their causes and projects. At just $50, CFR is accessible by all.

Click here to register and start your crowdfund.

Cryptofundraiser Simple Freedom

UPDATE: We Are Now Positioned to Help Unlimited Teammates Complete their Round 1 Crowdfund and Double their Initial Donation of $50 to $112.50 with Team Building Leverage – Watch video to see how this works…

CryptoFundRaiser Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency and Crowdfunding Bitcoin


CryptoFundRaiser: Cycled Round 1. I already cycled one teammate out of Round 1 by executing some very light promotions on facebook and an email to my email list. What this means is, every single new referral I help get into a funded Round 1 position will help another teammate complete their Round 1…

So, every single new referral I generate, personally, will help a new teammate double their $50 in Round 1.

Round 1 only holds three people and when you cycle it, it doubles your money.

Just barely started and already 9 people direct referred. Only 4 have paid their position which means 5 are unpaid (setting up their coinbase and in process of purchasing some bitcoin to fund their positions etc)…

This means as I keep promoting and sending out the Special Report and White Paper and make videos on how this works and show how many people we are cycling out, these unpaid positions will begin to be paid…

…and each time one new position in Round 1 gets funded, one teammate cycles out and doubles their money…

Love this kind of teamwork.


Get in and fund your position. Fund your position as soon as you can so that your paid position posts before others who are waiting to fund. As everyone funds their position after you, it’ll help you fill those positions and complete your Round 1 Crowdfund. Round 1 turns $50 into $112.50 minimum.

Plug into our training and execute our strategies. Email your list. As my new teammates start setting up their system and promoting, we’re going to start moving and building like crazy. More hands make easier work.

Together by combining our “affiliate marketing training” and teaching the whole team these simple and proven strategies, we all work together to help more and more people and help them fund their crowdfunding rounds faster and faster.

As people see the power of how Round 1 works…

…they’ll be super excited about doing the same thing in Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5. Those additional rounds work the same exact way, and the numbers get exponentially more exciting.

Let’s work together.

Get started asap and let me know so I can help you get setup and started with momentum.

Are you new to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the digital money revolution?

Click here and watch this. It’s difficult to describe in words how massive this opportunity is for billions of normal, every day people all over the planet to radically improve their circumstances. From raising their families out of poverty, raising funds for educational opportunities, paying off crippling debt and helping people to raise funds for their charitable causes and missionary goals.

Nothing I’ve seen online has presented such a real possibility to have the power to impact masses of people into the billions, in such a straight forward, simple way that anyone can quickly grasp and share.

Cryptocurrency and Digital Money for the Masses: This truly can help billions of people.

The massive question is: Will you be a part of this revolution in the cryptocurrency and crowdfunding space world wide?

Click here to register your free account and get started.



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