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by Franco on December 21, 2017

DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES: How Komodo is Leading in the Development of Next Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Decentralized Exchanges with its Electrum Atomic Swaps and BarterDEX Exchange…

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Komodo, $KMD is the crypto project behind BarterDEX.

BarterDEX is a decentralized, open source cryptocurrency exchange, powered by electrum atomic swap technology.

Cryptocurrency trading on centralized exchanges gets delayed, bogged down and more and more often completely stalled as crypto trading goes more mainstream and continues to attract a massive amount of new capital and new people to the space.

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Security, hacking issues and market manipulation by insider trading and “whales” is another serious issue that hurts traders using today’s centralized exchanges. They all have their problems, but right now, it’s basically all we’ve got and I’m seeing them more and more not being able to handle the massive growth in the space.

Decentralized cryptocurrency trading exchanges sound like the answer to this problem but many of them are not yet ready for this market. In fact, just yesterday I was researching and testing one “decentralized exchange” myself called EtherDELTA and soon after I created my account and setup both my EtherDELTA and MyEtherWallet, I made my first trade and then sent my new $AIR tokens to my wallet at MyEtherWallet.

It all worked great, although it was a bit clunky to work with and not the smoothest user interface. But what happened next?

EtherDELTA got hacked.

How does a “decentralized exchange” get hacked?

Honestly, I don’t know, but it did. And that sucks.

Apparently, some hacker took control of their domain.

Just one of the many reasons the cryptocurrency space needs a better way.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges using atomic swap technology would allow people to swap one crypto asset to another in their own wallet without the need for a centralized exchange or any 3rd party.

If you wanted to trade your $KMD for $LTC or $NAV, you can do it, using an atomic swap, from an app on your phone and no need for any middleman. Better security. Better privacy. Better anonymity. No hacking. Direct from your wallet to your wallet… on the blockchain.

That’s what’s coming with Komodo’s BarterDEX and their Electrum Atomic Swap technology.

Everything You Need to Know About Atomic Swaps, Decentralized Exchanges and How Komodo is Advancing the Technology

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