Will Power Ledger POWR be Blockchain Answer to Revolutionizing the Energy Grid?

by Franco on November 18, 2017

CRYPTOCURRENCY REVIEW POWER LEDGER ($POWR): Will Power Ledger be Blockchain’s Answer to Revolutionizing the Energy Grid?

Power Ledger POWR Blockchain Green Energy Climate Change Cryptocurrency Energy Trading Platform

The Democritization of Power?

Power Ledger’s twitter bio states: 

World Leader. P2P Blockchain Full Stack Technology Energy Company. Trade & settle trustless low cost power. Utility in a box! #POWRtoken #ICO $POWR #climatechange

Power Ledger POWR Twitter

Located in Perth, Australia, Power Ledger seeks to merge the powerful movements of blockchain (cryptocurrency) and green, renewable energy systems. As stated on the front cover of the Power Ledger whitepaper:

Power_Ledger_Whitepaper Power Ledger POWR Blockchain Cryptocurrency Climate Change Green Energy Solor Wind Energy Trading Platform

“We believe empowering individuals and communities to co-create their energy future will underpin the development of a power system that is resilient, low cost, zero-carbon and owned by the people of the world.”

From the Power Ledger Whitepaper:

The energy industry used to be simple.

Vertically-integrated utilities sat in the middle of the system, like benevolent spiders spinning a web out to the last consumer requesting connection: they decided where and when to build generating capacity; they decided how to bridge the distance between generators and loads; they kept the system in balance through the deft application of the levers available to a centralized controlling entity.

While progressive utilities and regulators try to position themselves as consumer-focused or consumer-centric, the reality is, even the most progressive are only rephrasing a narrative that pushes citizens into categories of consumers.

Clinging to the umbilicus of the power network, consumers are fed a steady diet of price and product. The cost of energy security can be counted in terms of control, certainty and economic independence. But a global technology revolution has changed the power balance between consumers and centralized power authorities.

The booming market in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like solar photovoltaic systems (PV), batteries, microgrids and embedded networks has moved the power balance from central authorities to the edges of the grid, to where citizens have control. And it is not just about controlling the cost of energy consumption, it is a reflection of peoples’ desires that their energy supplies are more sustainable, more socially-responsible,
more local, more resilient and more democratic (See Figure 1.1.1).

All that is needed to move the revolution into the mainstream is a model for energy trading that takes
control out of the hands of central players and puts everyday citizens in charge of a co-created energy future.

The Power Ledger Ecosystem is that platform

What Twitter is Saying About Power Ledger $POWR

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“Soungs like an amazing idea…”

One of the First Government Backed Cryptocurrency Projects: Power Ledger Australian Government

India, the world’s fifth largest auto market… aiming complete shift to green energy…

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Washington State and Power Ledger

Scotland to be 100% Renewable Energy by 2020

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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Green Energy Movements


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Power Ledger Resources

Power Ledger Website

Power Ledger Twitter

Power Ledger CoFounder and Chair, Dr. Jemma Green

Power Ledger on CoinMarketCap

Power Ledger on Bittrex.com


Power Ledger ($POWR) is currently trading at Bittrex.com for $0.28 cents per coin.

POWR Power Ledger Chart on Bittrex

Power Ledger ($POWR) on CoinMarketCap.com

Power Ledger $POWR on CoinMarketCap

Power Ledger Development and Leadership Team

Power Ledger POWR Development Team

Power Ledger Development Team

Power Ledger Development Team


One of the people on the development team at Power Ledger is Vinod Tiwari, Management Sales and Business Development. He is the brother of Teeka Tiwari, publisher/editor and research analyst of “The Palm Beach Letter” and Palm Beach Confidential.”

Teeka Tiwari

Palm Beach Confidential is a subscription ($2,500 per year) advisory which specializes in researching and recommending cryptocurrencies to trade and invest in.

Teeka Tiwari’s Palm Beach Confidential has been marketed via sales webinars and videos sales letters via what appears to be either joint venture partnerships or affiliate marketing relationships through other online and direct mail information publishing marketers like Stansberry Research, Doug Casey’s Casey Research, Mike Dillard (internet information marketer) and others who represent online email mailing lists, direct mailing lists and social media followings into the hundreds of thousands of people and a combined hundreds of millions of dollars in information product sales in the financial research subscription niches.

Teeka Tiwari

My point, and my opinion is that, these marketers and information publishers have massive, active and engaged subscriber bases and when they recommend stocks to buy or cryptocurrencies to trade, millions of people could be motivated to take action. This may have a significant impact in the short term price and/or volatility of the cryptos they recommend.

There has been no evidence as of yet that Teeka Tiwari has recommended his brother’s company, Power Ledger to his subscribers, but if he does, it could have a direct impact on the crypto’s price.




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