Happy New Year with a Crashing Bitcoin or Massive Discount Sale on Quality Cryptos?

by Franco on December 30, 2017

BITCOIN & RIPPLE VIDEO UPDATE: Happy New Year with a Crashing Bitcoin or Massive Discount Sale on Quality Cryptos?

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BITCOIN PRICE UPDATE: HODLERS will keep holding. Buyers will find DEEP DISCOUNTED pricing and an opportunity to buy up more QUALITY cryptos as Bitcoin tests new and old supports and finds a place to bounce, or settle and go sideways.

Here’s a list of QUALITY cryptos buyers can get now on DEEP DISCOUNTS: $ZEN, $RCN, $HMQ, $RLC for small cap cryptos. Big cap cryptos that are looking good more and more when bitcoin has hard break outs and break downs are: $NEO, $DASH, $LTC.


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If you’re already holding quality cryptos right now is probably a solid time to buy more of them.

If you’re “ALL IN” the market right now already and no additional capital for more then your best move may be to NOT SELL AT A LOSS on ANYTHING. You might want to just HOLD. It may be the smartest thing you can do now. Just HOLD and wait for the market to come back up to you.

The LAST 10 minutes or so of this video is a solid look at the price and Tech Analysis of what bitcoin is doing right now.

Also a great discussion into the history and situation of $XRP Ripple.

Speculators are loving it pumping, but newbies could get REKT fast if they are clueless about what RIPPLE actually is and they think they’re buying a “cheap” coin to “hold” right now.

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