Insulting email subject lines

by Franco on October 28, 2016

COPYWRITING TIP: Insulting Email Subject Lines

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Ok so I’ll share this with you straight up…


That’s how people feel after receiving some hyped up fake subject line day after day after day from amateur sellers and their “gurus.”

It’s 2016 (the end of, not the beginning of) yet most sellers out there are using insulting methods from way back in 2005 that simply do not work the same anymore.

So what happens is, their messages just get instantly filed, subconsciously, into the “trash can” file of their readers and interest is eliminated from any messaging.


Don’t try to get too “crafty” with your subject lines and certainly don’t be manipulative or dishonest with them. But don’t over think it either. Just flow… quickly.

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People are checking their email via their phone and they’re scrolling… fast.

Takes half a nano second to choose to ignore you and keep on scrolling by.

Be more direct and authentic and get to the point.

People don’t like to feel like somebody wasted their time on purpose.

And speaking about getting to the point and not wasting time…

The reason our highest (and fastest) converting sales video page is doing so well is precisely because it wastes no time and gets people through all the important points in less than 12 minutes.

Our goal was to create something simple, direct and quick, to let people know exactly how our system works to get them results. We knew that’s exactly what they’re looking for…

…especially since most of our customers and affiliates come immediately from other “programs” and systems where they get walked around the circus for months on end with MEGA HYPED videos that last longer than that last boring movie you wasted money on at the theater…

…remember that old beast of a waste of 2 hours?

Well, you don’t want to give your potential customers and affiliates that feeling.

Most come to us after having that infuriating feeling for months on end.

The LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG 3 hour “hangouts” where nothing but sob story drama and big time hype (but no facts or specifics) lead to the “forever funnel” that’s like a never ending maze…


You know the drill.


Waste of time.


Then they find this.

To the point.

So, anyway…

TIP: Don’t insult your readers with lame, manipulative dishonest subject lines.

If you do, they’ll make a mental commitment to NEVER open your emails.

Be honest, direct and sincere.

That’s it for today.

More tomorrow or you can visit the blog for today’s coaching session.

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