Discover Ways to Create Unique Headlines, Part IV

by Franco on February 18, 2008

In Part III we talked about using jargon and about speaking colliqually in our writing, in this next part we are going to talk about figures of speech and 75 of the most powerful words and phrases in the english language.

Figures of speech are wonderful!

Many or any writer for that matter, will tell you to avoid clichés, sayings, analogies, aphorisms, proverbs, adages and the list goes on. But why? In our everyday face-to-face conversations do we not use these figures of speech? If you were speaking face-to-face with your prospect wouldn’t you hear tons of these figures of speech?

Using these sayings instantly says, hey…I’m for real…when you hear these figures of speech whether in person or online, don’t you instantly say, “Hey – this person is for real…he’s just like me! Figures of speech usually get us to smile….if it makes us smile, doesn’t it make sense that your prospect will be smiling too?

If a picture is worth one thousand words, a good figure of speech should be worth at least one hundred. So says, Clayton Makepeace, CopyWriter Extraordinaire. Experiment a little… “If a figure of speech helps you communicate faster or drive a point home harder – and if you’re absolutely sure that its meaning will be instantly grasped by your prospect – go for it!”

Of course, you don’t want to write copy that’s just one cliché after another. On the other hand, choosing the right spots to communicate quickly with an idiom could turn out to be your bread and butter.

Do you know what 75 of the most Powerful words in the english language are? Venture a guess before you roll down the list. Use these when creating headlines, subheads, and all throughout your content/copy:

Amazing, Astonishing, Astounding, Announcing, Appalling, At Last, Bargain, Bonus, Breakthrough, Charter, Comfortable, Discount, Discover, Discovery, Easy, Effortless, Exclusive, Fearless, First Time Ever, Forever, Free, Gift, Guaranteed, How to…, How I …, Hurry, Immediate, Improved, Inevitable, Instantly, Intense, Introducing, It’s here, Just Arrived, Last Chance, Limited, Locked-In, Miracle, Money, Never Before, Nothing To Lose, New, Now, Opportunity, Painless, Premium, Prestigious, Priority, Promise, Proven, Quick, Revolutionary, Right Away, Rush, Sale, Save, Savings, Scandalous, Secret, Send No Money, Sensation, Simple, Special, Shocking, Steal, Surprising, The Truth About…, Today, Unique, Valuable, Why, Win, Windfall, Yes, And of course, the all-time award-winner…YOU!

Some words and phrases are weak. “Can” … “could” … “should” … “might” … “may” … “ought to” … “seeks to” … “has the potential to” … “In my opinion” … and any of the rest of these weak words like these that should be banned from your content/copy.

Tell your what your product will do. If the legal team says no…call and find a medium ground where you can still get your point across and make it eye catching!

Try Squinting…

It makes the individual letters and words on the page indecipherable, and all your left with is just the pattern the paragraphs make. Ask yourself, as you’re squinting and studying the page, at first glance, is this inviting and easy-to-read? Or is it one big blob of words…with long, dense paragraphs that are only going to distract or discourage my reader from continuing on down the page?

What do you do to break up the important information so that reading through it isn’t so daunting?

• Break long paragraphs into shorter ones – even one-liners

• Identify spots where the thing is crying out for a break – a sidebar or indented paragraph

• Look for ways to use bullets, numbers, letters, etc.

A statement…

• A bullet

• A bullet with a colon after:

Another Statement!

… Or, another statement that trails in and:

• The #1 Secret:

• A question? Statement!

FACT #1:

And so the list goes on…Be creative, and as I always say…Remember who you are talking to, who is on the other end, and as long as you do, you will engage the prospect.

If you have read any of my sales pages lately, you will see that I have really tried to be as personal as possible, from the copywriting to the videos…I am for real, and in this business, we have to be willing to put ourselves out there in order to allow others to gain trust, and want to be part of something we have to offer. Join me and hundreds of Global Mentors Team Members who are making great money online.

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