How to Close Sales Online with Content Marketing and Follow Up Marketing

by Franco on December 8, 2015

Here’s how I close sales 100% online:

The fortune is in the follow up…

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The art and science of follow up marketing is in knowing that it’s a psychological process that:

  1. Builds trust.
  2. Handles objections.
  3. Promotes the benefits of the offer.

And this process can take place 100% online if you know what you’re doing.

Content Marketing Follow Up Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with conducting follow up marketing and closing sales offline, in fact, in my own marketing my goal is to create leads and prospects using the Internet and social media, but to close sales offline. The fact that most of my sales are closed online without having to get on the phone or meet in person is a massive bonus.

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Here’s what I use to close sales online:

  1. Facebook (social media).
  2. Email marketing in follow up.
  3. Blog. You can build trust, handle objections and promote benefits using a blog.
  4. Video online. Helps my blog sell.

Let’s break down what these tools help you do in the online sales process:

Facebook: When your facebook is setup for business correctly it helps it helps in a variety of ways. People can “get to know you better” by visiting your facebook and checking out your “about section,” photos and posts. They can engage directly with you and ask you questions via message or post. Facebook is a great tool for building trust and communicating with your prospects.

Your facebook posts with links to your videos or blog posts also helps to move your prospects down the sales process to the sale.

Email Marketing: Make a list of the top ten questions your prospects have about your offer. Add questions to this list every time you get a new question. Questions about price, quality, support, training, product, comp plan, events etc. Create one email per question or concern/objection and answer the question in the email itself or link to a blog post where you handle the objections and answer the questions.

With a good marketing email autoresponder you can create a series of emails to answer questions for you, handle objections and promote the benefits of your offer. You can also link from those emails out to your videos on your blog that help you do that in different media formats (audio, video, writing).

Your daily email follow ups  can also invite your prospect to live hangouts, conference calls or webinars. You can use your email broadcasts to invite your prospect back to the sales page/video and to call you with any questions. When you do this correctly and consistently, most people won’t need to call you.

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They will buy your offer without needing to because your emails, facebook, videos, blog posts etc will have closed the sale for you by handling all their objections, answering their main questions and building up enough trust in you.

Blog: Your blog if used in your follow up process is PRICELESS. Your voice can be heard. You can be seen and a LOT of the presenting and selling can be done on your blog and available 24 hours daily to your prospects.

Video: There is nothing more powerful than video as a selling and follow up tool when you know how to use them right. It’s like having that one to one meeting and that personal phone call with your prospects and making yourself available to serve them 24 hours a day. When you load up a video to your blog and then email your prospects to watch it and invite your facebook audience to come watch it on your blog, and you use content marketing to help your videos present, answer questions, handle objections and ask for the sale, you can create a global 24 hour a day business system from the comfort of your own home.

Every piece of follow up information always has my full contact information on it.

But because of the way I use these tools consistently and cohesively, I rarely get calls. Most calls I get are from buyers to let me know they’ve bought my offer.

If you want to create an online selling system like this for your own business, just begin to implement these strategies. They work and they work well so long as you work to improve the quality of the content you create.

You can either reinvent the wheel and use this information to create your own solutions and apply it to your existing business or you can model my system and work direct with me where I can help you on my team here.

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