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Ready to Step Up and Take Your Business to the Next Level?

I have Four (4) Private Coaching programs available from time to time (they’re always maxed out). To see if there are any current openings please email me at itsFranco@ gmail . com with the subject line: “Private Coaching Franco” and I personal reply to book a free consultation. Please only send that email if you’re serious about private coaching with me. 

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  1. Get my $2,000 coaching program for just $500.
  2. Text me at: 760-271-2810
  3. Text: “Franco, I want the $500 Coaching Special Now.”
  4. Pay the $500 (I send instructions on how).
  5. We start the next day.
  6. Simple

This offer is limited. Only for good people who don’t want to waste any time.

Yes. You can pay in cash.
Yes. You can pay in bitcoin.
Yes. You can pay with Credit or Debit card.
Yes. You can deposit direct into my business account at the bank.

YES! I want to pay for my Private Coaching package now with a credit or debit card. Click the button below to process your order and we’ll get started right away.


Program 1: $2,000. Comprehensive personal coaching for one (1) month. I review your entire business and coaching you on improvements to get you better results. Program includes 2 personal coaching calls per week for 1 hour each. Unlimited email coaching support (facebook message etc). I create specific coaching videos based on my analysis and recommendations so you can have 24/7 resources to work from.

Program 2: $1,000. Same as program 1. Difference is one (1) call per week, 1 hour each.

Program 3: $500. Same as program 1. Difference is one (1) call every other week, 1 hour each. Analysis of your business with recommendations. Question and Answer session. Unlimited email/Facebook message follow up to help you with any questions for 1 month.

Program 4: $200. Personal one (1) hour phone consultation. Question and Answer session. Unlimited email follow up for support for 1 month. That one month of personal email support is well worth the investment.

For availability and to book your initial 30 minute consultation, email me at itsFranco@ gmail .com with the subject line “Private Coaching Franco” and I’ll personally reply to book your consult. Serious only please.

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Why Private Coaching?

Listen, I don’t know about you, but back when I was starting out in the internet business arena I found myself stuck spinning my wheels and frustrated. I finally took a serious look at myself and my struggling business and said:

“I’ve been trying to do this alone and am not getting where I want to get! I’m 32 years old and I have a family to raise and a lot of things I want to accomplish. I HAVE NO TIME FOR SOME LONG DRAWN OUT LEARNING CURVE! I need a strategic coach now! I need to get serious about this and have a break through!

Was it worth it?

Yes. It has been one of the most valuable decisions I ever made in my business:  To get serious and invest in hiring a coach to mentor me when I was getting started. It was the best thing I ever did. Here’s why:

1. It dramatically cut down the “learning curve” of building my business.

2. It gave me clarity and focus.

3. It allowed me to zero in on what was right for MY business and ignore a lot of the things that simply don’t matter.

4. It helped me generate increases in exposure, traffic, leads and conversions.

5. My business has consistently generated more than a Six Figure Profit monthly for 10 years!

I’ve since invested over $50,000 in coaching and mentoring in different areas of my business and it’s a large reason why we’ve been so successful and consistent for over 13 years. We’ve been able to realize “break throughs” and months of over $101,500 in profits and have refined our business to also give us the time freedom to home school our children, travel more and not be stuck in the daily never-ending grind of churning out sales and chasing prospects.

My private coaching and mentorship program can help you achieve solid results in your business as well. If you’re wanting to attract more high paying clients, refine your marketing strategies, and build a marketing machine so that clients come to you (rather than you chasing them) then you’re certainly in the right place.

(Coaching at our last Simple Freedom Bonfire Immersions in San Diego, CA)

Franco Gonzalez Simple Freedom Private Coaching

Your next step is to schedule your initial consultation by emailing me at itsFranco@ with the subject line: “PRIVATE COACHING FRANCO”…

During our initial consultation I’ll ask you a few questions to learn as much as I can about your personal business and what you’re really wanting to accomplish. If we both decide that you’re a good fit for my coaching program then we can handle some business and schedule your first session.

Here’s your next step…

Click here to connect with me on facebook. Send me a private message there on Facebook and simply let me know you’re requesting a Private Coaching Interview. I’ll then reply to you as soon as I can and we can book our consultation. You can also give me a call and leave me your request on my voicemail.

Looking forward to help you with your business.

Franco Gonzalez
c: 760-271-2810
e: itsFranco@
f: Click for my Facebook

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