Global Warming Debunked

by Franco on December 5, 2016

Global Warming Debunked: A Conversation About Real Science & the Financial/Political Religion of “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” with Stefan Molyneux and William Happer…

Global Warming and Climate Change Seem to be More a Globalist Political (population control) and World Taxation System vs an Attempt to “Save the Planet”…

Global Government Control + Global Taxation. A concentrated financial and political power system run for the benefit of a tiny few ruling elites with the use of a massive pile of “useful idiots” leftists, energized by the creation and promotion of a new “radical” religion called “Climate Change.”

It attacks the nation state in favor of a globalist, centralized, managed world government focused on decreasing individual nation state sovereignty.

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It also focuses on a leftist massive redistribution of wealth in the form of global taxation (carbon taxes) taking wealth from developed nations and spreading it to (bribing) developing and undeveloped nations.

Looked at it from a “big picture” perspective it looks like a classic leftist, collectivist political and economic plan created to concentrate political and economic power in a small group of ruling class elite hands at the expense of individualism, nation state sovereignty and self rule in a free market.

It’s collectivism cloaked in a new disguise.

It also looks to have deeply corrupted the “scientific” establishment as well in the same way that the CIA used massive streams of cold hard cash and “fake news” propaganda in the media establishment to recruit and buy key politicians, military generals and whole governments and corrupt their “world view” and political agendas.

If you follow the money, you quickly find the easy potential of having a tribe in the academic establishment; the scientific community financially incentivized to manipulate data and models to promote the “consensus” agenda. Academia’s establishment has probably become extremely dependent on it’s “research” funding and wouldn’t want that cut off.

And as more real science and experts come out to openly question the methods, the message, the motivation and the date on how this new religion of climate change isn’t adding up to actual science, there is a growing focus on character assassinating, delegitimizing and labeling any scientific skeptic as a “denier.” In fact there are now calls to create laws that would be used to arrest and jail “climate deniers” as, I would think, “thought criminals.”

That doesn’t sound like the scientific method. It sounds more like another “Inquisition.”

And more and more people are getting a bad taste in their mouth about the whole motive behind that kind of ridiculous method to protect a “scientific consensus.” This “scientific consensus” is rather ridiculous too when you consider the fact that all throughout history, most “consensus” in science have been proven wrong. Ask Galileo and even Newton.

At the end of the day, more skepticism is needed.

Skepticism is a core ingredient to real science. It’s the heart and soul of the “scientific method” – or, it was before, anyway.

But now we need more skepticism in science, in politics, in the financial management of “scientific research.” Keep asking questions. Keep digging for real evidence. Keep probing about the way their scientific model parameters are chosen. Question everything.

“Wherever there is a trough, there are also pigs.” ~ Russian Proverb

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