Climate Change

The ‘Climate Change’ Hoax: Using Fear to Sell the Masses Global Centralized Political Control and Massive Global Taxation – Looting the Poor and Middle Class to Enrich the Elite

CENTRALIZED POPULATION CONTROL (Global Government) and A GLOBAL TAX and TRADING SCHEME is what this is about…

Control creates slavery.

Manufactured scarcity.

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Why else would the ruling globalist elite “believe” in man-made ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Climate Change’ other than as a tool for profiting more, controlling more and enslaving more of the population?

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It’s a massive scam.

It’s a global fraud.

It’s a psyop they ran on you since you were a child.

It’s a lie.

The real goal of the ‘Climate Change’ hoax is to centralize global political power and control and to implement a global taxation racket on the masses that focuses on economically enslaving the middle class and working poor for the benefit of the tiny power elite. It’s an old fashioned control and money racket. And you’re the mark.

When will you begin to wake up to it and question… your rulers?

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