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THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT: How Simple Freedom Academy Delivers All of the Powerful Aspects of the Cashflow Quadrant Teaching by Robert Kiyosaki for Online Entrepreneurs Inside One Vehicle

Cashflow Quadrant Simple Freedom Academy Cashflow Quadrant Teaching by Robert Kiyosaki

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The Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.

THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT: The Business Model of the 21st Century.

This video can be one of the most empowering and liberating 18 minutes of your life if you study it and take it to heart. The teaching of the “Cash Flow Quadrant” changed the direction of my life so many years ago the first time I read it, then saw a video like this and met people who were actually practicing the philosophy.

I haven’t had a job since 2000.

So you can honestly see that “The Cash Flow Quadrant” model did in fact become my business model of the 21st century. The entire 21st century I’ve been using the “CASHFLOW QUADRANT” model to create my full time online entrepreneur and investor lifestyle. For years I’ve focused on teaching other people like you and I how to replicate and duplicate this proven way.

I transitioned through the quadrants one at a time and I made my mistakes and went through its learning curve but it’s amazing how quickly I was able to transition to full time using this model once I truly went “all in” and followed it as my addiction and with psychotic focus.

I know it can work wonders for you too… IF, you are the right kind of person for it.

To quickly find out if you are, be absolutely sure to watch the final 5 minutes of this video.


The Cash Flow Quadrant teaches that there are four (4) people in business.

  1. E: Employees.
  2. S: Self Employed. Small Business. Specialists.
  3. B: Business Owners. Business System Leverage.
  4. I: Investors. Put Money/Capital to Work for Them.

Formal Education: Most people who go to school and are conditioned (even “institutionalized”) by it live and survive on the “left side” of the Cash Flow Quadrant, in the “E Quadrant” and the “S Quadrant.”

Usually the world view, belief system and “advice” from people on the left side of the quadrant sounds like…

“Go to school, study hard so you can get a nice, safe, secure job.”

“Get a nice safe, secure job with a steady paycheck and benefits!”

The other side of the quadrant are for creating wealth and a true freedom lifestyle by becoming a business owner and learning to be a professional investor.

One of the biggest financial advantages of using the left side of the quadrant or the right side of the quadrant is as it relates to the system of taxes.

People in the “E” and “S” quadrants get CRUSHED with taxes. They get taxes witheld from their pay BEFORE they can see or use their own money and the more their work, the more they make… the more the government takes in the form of punitive, progressive taxation.

On the right side of the quadrant there are completely different set of tax rules which can benefit you.

Business owners and investors can use ALL their capital and cash flow and put it to work for them. As they use their own money that they create from their businesses and investments, they can then write off all their legitimate expenses before paying any taxation. These are the legitimate and legal benefits of being a business owner and investor and creating wealth which then creates more opportunity and jobs for other people.

Tax Experts Say to Start a Business: Smarter Financial Management.

Many tax and financial management experts believe that everyone should form some kind of a home business or small business, at least, because they can then benefit from the extremely generous way the tax code and rules have been created for business owners.

Even if you have a long term career, a profession you love and a great full time job in the “E” quadrant, you should consider starting some kind of legitimate home based or small business so that you can keep more of what you earn and take advantage of the business owner side of the tax rules.

Transitioning from the Left (Wrong?) Side of the Quadrant to the Right Side of the Cash Flow Quadrant

One of the biggest advantages of the Cash Flow Quadrant is that it teaches people how to start the transition into the right side of the quadrant where they can learn to build real wealth and strong cash flow in their lives and have more control.

Using the “business owner” quadrant you can have a business system and the leverage of other people working for you and not just you working hard for money. There is never enough time to earn what you’re worth if you’re only depending on you to earn it. If you stop working, the money stops coming in. With a business system working for you, you take cash flow in passively.

You can then take some of that cash flow and learn to invest it professionally and put money to work hard for you too. Taking advantage of the miracle of “compounding interest” can truly build long term wealth and pay less and less, legally, in taxes.

It’s About Financial IQ – Focus on Your Financial Statements Not Your Report Card

Building wealth and being in control of your own cash flow is about learning the difference between buying assets or wasting money on liabilities.

The more you focus on putting your money in real assets that create more income or cash flow for you instead of wasting hard earned income on dumb liabilities that only take your cash flow and leave you poorer, the faster you’ll create freedom and liberty in your life.

Affiliate Marketing for Independent Direct Cash Flow: Build Affiliate Networks for Leveraged Cash Flow in an Online Decentralized World and Global Market Place

Keep your day job. Do your best. Start part time and build it to full time. Learn to master the skill set of affiliate marketing and building affiliate networks that generate cash flow directly and passively.

The beauty of this kind of business model is that it’s easy and affordable to start. Anyone can start from their kitchen table with just their smart phone and a laptop and social media account.

There is extremely low overhead to start and grow an affiliate model business online and at the same time, it allows you to instantly “be in business” all around the world. Some affiliate business models allow you to sell products and services that are instantly available to promote, market and process orders from customers anywhere on the globe.

No limits. Because this 21st century business model is based online and is decentralized as far as the marketing, there are zero limits on how many sales you can generate and therefore there are zero limits on how much cash flow you can create with the more leveaged affiliate programs and projects.

And now with the blockchain and crypto economy in its infant stage by growing exponentially and adding new apps, tools, services and “done-for-you” systems to tap into, it’s getting easier and faster to succeed in this kind of business model and will continue to grow all over the world and you can be in it at the very beginning.

Start Part Time… build it to Full Time, then you can move from the left side to the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

Global Economic Change is CRUSHING the “E’s” and “S’s” and it’ll Get WORSE Yearly

The economy of the 1900s is dead.

It has simply moved on.

There’s no bringing it back.

As the economy gets more global, faster, smaller and hyper competitive, the people working in the “E” and “S” quadrants are taking on most of the incoming fire. They’re getting slaughtered. Just look at how fewer people in these younger generations can even afford to buy their own home today?

They’re getting killed with debt. Lower wages. They have to work harder to earn the same as older generations. Life is getting more expensive. Energy is more expensive. Autos are more expensive. Utility bills are more expensive. They’re earning basically zero interest in bank savings accounts or retail investments. Other than a few economic “band aids” here and there, it’s not going to be getting any better or easier any time soon.

A MESSAGE TO YOUNG PEOPLE: The old economy has simply died and the world has moved on. You have a MASSIVE opportunity in the new, decentralized global economy…

In order to build financial control and more independence, people need to accept this truth and adjust to the where today’s opportunity lies.

Instead of just working hard for money, learn to work hard to build and create assets that create cash flow. You do that in the “B” and “I” quadrants. Learn to do this while you have some time and before you get totally locked into the corporate or government work world.

Winning Takes Sacrifice

Winning takes time. It takes hard and smart work. It takes developing some skill sets the educational system never meant to teach you. It takes learning how to relate and communicate and share information with other people and earn their trust. It takes learning how to find or create value to deliver to other people. It takes learning how to serve people.

It’s not “get rich quick” and it doesn’t happen overnight “without selling or doing anything.” You don’t just push a “instant gratification riches” button and have it just fall on your lap.

It takes resonating with and attracting the right kind of people…

There are Four (4) Types of People in the World

  1. Right. People who know it all and must be right.
  2. Comfortable. People who need to be comfortable.
  3. Liked. People who want to be liked. “Please like me.”
  4. Win. People who just want to win in life.

People who want to be right are “know it alls.” They know all the right answers. You can’t tell them anything. They went to school and are smart but they’re arrogant and close minded. This is not a good business model for them. Their minds are too set. They’re closed to opportunity or risk.

People who want (need) to be comfortable. The house could be on fire but they’re still sitting on their ass watching television and eating junk food, dringing gallons of sugar drinks and watching “what’s going on with the world.” These people are toast.

They’re toast and getting crushed because the world economy is not coming back to them. The world economy has moved on. The people who need to be comfortable will continue to be left behind. You probably shouldn’t talk to them about business because you’ll only make them uncomfortable.

They’ll probably not make any move to change because their number one priority is… being comfortable.

People who must be liked are focused on trying to please everybody. This is probably not the business for them either because they need and want somebody else’s approval. They want to be a “good little boy or girl” and they want people to know they “did the right thing.” This is the kind of person who gets addicted to social media but just completely wastes their time on it seeking approval, and “likes” and begs for attention (“engagement”) from platforms like facebook but does absolutely nothing productive on it.

They probably won’t succeed in the 21st century because they think they have to be liked, by the people who have to be right or accepted by the people who need to be comfortable and they’ll all just get addicted to TV and social networks and completely waste their time collectively seeking each other’s approval but not doing anything in their own lives but surviving and whining about it.

The People Who Will CRUSH IT in the Business World and Economy of the 21st Century are the People Who Must WIN…

It’s not about how many times you get knocked down but about how many times you stand back up.

The winners will win but winning takes sacrifice. Success takes sacrifice. So these are the people who will do best in the business of the 21st century.

So when you’re talking to people about winning in life and building wealth, you have to ask yourself whether you’re talking to a person who just needs to be liked, or someone who is addicted to being “comfortable” or to people who “know it all” and just need to be “right” and win social media debates all day long.

You need to learn how to sift and sort through many people to find those who just want to win like you do.

Those are the best kind of people to share this kind of message with. They’ll resonate with the teaching and the game plan.

You need to connect with the people who want to win and are willing to commit to it.


There is a weakness to the Cash Flow Quadrant. I discovered it once I started my attempt to execute its strategy in the real world.

What is the weakness?

Like with all masterful teachings and books, videos and seminars, so many times the teachings are sound and powerful but they do not include the actual tools, programs, projects or business vehicles to put them into use in the real marketplace of ideas.

Most of the time you have to take the concepts and design the vehicles all on your own.

You have to reinvent the wheel and learn by the pressure and fire of trial and error.

I’ll have to admit, there is a power in having to be forged like steel through intense fire and pain. To make diamonds you have to take common coal and have it live under extreme pressure for an almost unbelievable amount of time.

So as I went out into the real economy and attempted to put the “Cash Flow Quadrant” elements together, I’d find pieces here and pieces there and sometimes the pieces worked against each other and wouldn’t fit together smoothly enough to be consistent.

My focus would be spread too thin trying to put it all together.

I failed again and again trying to merge pieces together from other models that weren’t as consistent or didn’t work well together. On my journey I also found many people who were struggling with the same exact problem so I started to focus on finding or building a solution to this big weakness.

THE CASHFLOW QUADRANT PERFECTED: An “All Inclusive” Project that Leverages Every Single Aspect of the Cash Flow Quadrant Under One Roof…

Sometimes when you can’t find a solution, you just have to focus on creating it yourself.

So, I finally just decided to create an “all inclusive” business vehicle that would have all aspects of the quadrants built in. And it worked. Every powerful quadrant from “self employed entrepreneur” to “business system” and even including the “investor” quadrant was built into this ONE, simple but proven project.

Once I saw that it was working consistently for me, I added the viral touch and built an affiliate rewards program into it so that I could not only sell the powerful products and services but also give my friends and customers the opportunity to leverage it as affiliates so they could share it and profit from it as if they were owners too.

We called it the Simple Freedom Academy and it’s got the full “Cash Flow Quadrant” philosophy and strategy built right in.

We also include the training and tools to help our affiliates share it widely without any wasted time going through any “learning curve.”

Review the “Done-For-You” Business System We’ve Created for the Simple Freedom Academy by clicking here and taking a tour of all three powerful pages in this funnel you can start using today.

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