Why is Bitconnect Anonymous?

by Franco on August 17, 2017

BITCONNECT UPDATE: Why is the Owner of Bitconnect Anonymous?

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Why is the owner of Bitconnect anonymous? Probably the same reason why the creator of bitcoin, “Satoshi Nakamoto,” stayed anonymous too. Government suits carrying government guns for their puppet masters.

If you really had a solid geopolitical awareness and knowledge of how the establishment and how the political world really operates, and you were the owner of a company in such a new, revolutionary industry, you’d be smart to stay anonymous too.

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What is Bitconnect?

BitConnect is an open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals who, like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.

Created by the guys at FutureMoney Team: I highly recommend you follow these guys on their youtube channel. Solid info delivered consistently.

What is Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin Basics: Cryptocurrency Education for Beginners

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