Bitconnect Update Earning 40 Percent Per Month on Your Money Passive

by Franco on October 23, 2017

Bitconnect Update: Earning 40% Per Month on Your Money Passive

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Bitconnect. I started testing this passive cryptocurrency program in August. It’s been very stable at delivering an average of about 1% per day and up to 40% per month on my money completely passive.

I found it when I was searching for cryptocurrencies to trade on When I first found it, I noticed their Bitconnect Coin $BCC was #13 or so in total market capitalization on the site and it was around $50 per coin.

Later I checked up on it and it was up to $60. Then it was up to $70. Then it was up to $80. And these were very quick increases of just a few weeks.

I bought it at $90.

As I write this the Bitconnect Coin is at around $200 per coin and it’s October. So I doubled my money in just a few months on holding the coin itself.

I also started testing their lending program and that’s where I’ve been receiving a steady average of about 1% daily and I’ve been using their reinvest program to compound those profits and earning up to 40% per month on my money inside the Bitconnect program.

So anyway, that’s about it for now on this update. It’s a very stable program and it’s very simple. I recommend people that are interested in passive cryptocurrency projects like this to test it out.

You can create a free account at Bitconnect here.

You can check out my full review of it here.

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