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5 Ways to Make Money with Bitconnect:

  1. Buy and hold the Bitconnect Coin. (100% Passive)
  2. Buy and Trade the Bitconnect Coin v Bitcoin for Profits
  3. Make a Loan in the Bitcoin Lending Program for Daily Profits (100% Passive)
  4. Make a Reinvestment Loan from Your Daily Profits (100% Passive)
  5. Earn 7% Affiliate Commissions from Referrals (optional)

Why Bitconnect?

I was looking for a more passive way to profit from the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space outside of just buying and holding bitcoin. Bitconnect is a very unique program and I was curious how it worked.

The loan program in Bitconnect pays daily interest and you can make money by making loans and earning daily interest payouts which is completely passive.

I also noticed on that the Bitconnect Coin was in the top 20 in their “Top 100 Cryptocurrency List” by market cap and I noticed it was having consistent weekly gains so that’s what originally attracted me to want to learn everything I could about the company and the story of Bitconnect.

I made a small purchase of 2.2 Bitconnect Coin when it was still priced in the $90s and as I write this, BCC is at $121 with strong volume and trending up. That’s a nice passive return.

The next thing I did to test Bitconnect is I made a loan of $200.

In a couple days, my daily profit was enough that I made a “Reinvest Loan” of $10 which came purely from daily interest payouts from the program. That’s another completely passive daily income stream.

I also noticed Bitconnect has a nice little affiliate program that pays a 7% referral bonus on the loan balance of any direct referral, which is great because that means, anyone who clicks on your affiliate link and makes a loan to Bitconnect creates a 7% referral bonus to you which you can cash out, or buy more Bitconnect Coin or make a loan with. I saw how this can grow in time to another stream of nice, passive income.

That’s pretty much it.

Those are the ways I’m making money with Bitconnect in a passive way and how they pay me a daily passive stream of crypt income.

It’s free to create an account and here’s what I’d do next…

  1. Watch all the videos inside the site.
  2. Click around EVERYWHERE inside.
  3. Review how to make your first deposit of bitcoin into Bitconnect.
  4. Buy a Bitconnect Coin (or 5).
  5. Make a Bitconnect Loan and experience the daily payouts.

It’s a very simple program to run. That’s really all there is to it.

As far as the affiliate program goes, it’s completely optional.

You can make money with Bitconnect in a variety of ways without ever “selling” or “recruiting” people into it but it’s nice to know that if you do make some review videos or share it on social media using your link, that you do get a nice 7% commission on the total balance of the loans of your referrals and those can add up to be significant amounts to add to your own money in the program.

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