Today in Bitcoin September 25 2017 Bitcoin Imortal?

by Franco on September 25, 2017

Today in Bitcoin: September 25 2017 Bitcoin Imortal?

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Today in Bitcoin. One of my favorite bitcoin youtube channels. I highly recommend you subscribe and follow World Crypto Network for in depth, no spin, no hype coverage of the most important and recent bitcoin and cryptocurrency news.

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Show notes:

$3,787.94USD / BTC

Big Governments Won’t Kill Bitcoin Or Uber

CFTC Files First Case Against Bitcoin Fraudsters

Bitcoin: JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon lays into bitcoin again

Criticizing Bitcoin Could Backfire

How Malaysia’s Legalization of Bitcoin Could Bring Millions of New Users

Government Debt Getting Downgraded, Thankfully Bitcoin Backed Only By Math

Links to all the stories above here on the WorldCryptoNetwork YouTube Channel.

BITCOIN BASICS: What is Bitcoin? Everything you need to know about bitcoin and cryptocurrency starts here…

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