Bitcoin or Gold? Is Bitcoin the Digital Gold Yet?

by Franco on August 29, 2017

BITCOIN NEWS: Bitcoin vs Gold – Is Bitcoin the Digital Gold Yet?

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Gold or Bitcoin?

Bitcoin News with Vortex ( @TheOneVortex on Twitter) on the World Crypto Network. In this great episode Vortex interviews @Saifedean (follow on Twitter) and Gold Pro @Andy_Hoffman_CG (follow on Twitter) and they have a robust conversation about bitcoin and gold and the unique features, advantages, disadvantages, trends and what they feel is the future of both.

Absolutely high value interviews and the information you gain from it could help you in your wealth building, investing and financial knowledge.

The Bitcoin News show by Vortex is a weekly show that goes live at Noon, Pacific Time on Sundays on the World Crypto Network YouTube Channel.

Bitcoin News

What is Bitcoin?

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