Bitcoin Morning Brief – Bulgaria, Ripple, BitFury Tracking, China Mining, AML & BTCUSD

by Franco on January 6, 2018

Bitcoin Morning Brief: Bulgaria, Ripple, BitFury Tracking, China Mining, AML & BTCUSD

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Bitcoin Seazed by Government Bureaucrats: Bulgarian government lie about seazing a few billion $ in bitcoin. Now it’s all about how to work around the european beaurocracy so they can keep it.

Ripple $XRP News: More on the scam coin that is $XRP Ripple. One day people will learn just how much of an empty scam coin this truly is, but until then, greed and frenzy will seek to rationalize and justify any excuse to profit it from it. Hey, go ahead… spend your precious bitcoin and get a bunch of garbage ripple in return. As they say, fools and their money are soon parted.

HUGE BUG IN ALL INTEL CHIPS: Discovered in all Intel chips. Should be updated by opersating system updates in the near future. Offline computers and hardware wallets are safest to store cryptos.

China Not Subsidizing Bitcoin Mining Anymore. You can mine bitcoin from anywhere but it’s been done mainly in China due to cheap electricity. But with the government drama, more miners will probably be moving and expanding outside of China to continue mining.

Governments using the lame excuse of “money laundering” to try to demonize bitcoin. But the truth is, for centuries, fiat currency and cash have been used for money laundering and funding crime, but they don’t want to focus on that.

BITCOIN PRICE ANALYSIS starts at about 27 minutes into the video. Looking for new all time highs possibly next week above $19K, which will make altcoins bleed a bit and setup some good buying opportunities for the highest quality cryptos to run as btc experiences a normal correction after its next run to clear $20k.

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