Bitcoin CME Futures Expiring Today so BTC Dipping How Low?

by Franco on January 26, 2018

BITCOIN CHARTING TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Bitcoin CME Futures Expiring Today so BTC Dipping How Low?

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Haejin Lee with an update on bitcoin and its chart pattern and technical analysis. Really would be nice to see one more lower low on this wedge to get a really nice bullish bounce from it.

Altcoin trading rides on the whims of bitcoin still. When bitcoin runs up hard, altcoins bleed. When bitcoin dives lower hard, altcoins bleed. When bitcoin is stable and on a bullish, healthy rise, altcoins thrive and run.

We’ve been reporting on this situation now for over a week. Bitcoin still trading inside a range between $10K and $12K and that support and resistance pair has proven tough to break.

If btc, on this expiration of CME Futures contracts is driven to finally touch a lower low and get close to the $9,000 support, it may actually be more healthy for its bullish run in 2018.

It can then take a nice jog up to $12K, then toward $15K and $20K.

Lots of new money still flowing into the crypto space and more exchange opportunities opening up now as the latest, from mobile app stock trading platform, Robinhood has announced that it’s opening up trading in bitcoin and ethereum for a potential (and much needed) competition to Coinbase.

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