INTRODUCTION TO: Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and the Digital Currency Revolution

Learn about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Watch the Magic Money documentary. It’s on Amazon and you can stream it online right now if you’re an Amazon Prime member. I highly recommend watching this documentary as it breaks down and explains the many exciting aspects of the growing Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin movement and developments.

After watching “Magic Money” feel free to watch the informative videos below to learn more about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and, as you do that, you might as well create your free accounts at both Coinbase and Blockchain.

Magic Money The Bitcoin Revolution Documentary on Amazon

Having your free accounts ready at Coinbase and Blockchain, you’ll be positioned to buy, sell, store and exchange bitcoin with people all around the world. You need a place to “buy” bitcoin (Coinbase) and you also need a secure “wallet” to store and send/receive bitcoin (Blockchain).

The Block Chain | Bitcoin 101: Learn more about the basics of bitcoin and cryptocurrency here.

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BITCOIN Surges Over $1950!

Bitcoin surges past $1950

As I update this Bitcoin review page on May 19,2017 the current price of bitcoin is $1,966. It’s now up over $755 in value in the last 30 days. When I began buying bitcoin as a hedge against the decreasing value of paper currency, just a couple months ago it was around $800.

Another exciting update is that the amount of awareness continues to grow into the mainstream. More and more people are starting to use bitcoin. More and more businesses are choosing to add bitcoin as a method of transacting business. This is causing more and more platform developers to create solutions to make using bitcoin and cryptocurrencies easier for the masses such as being able to have a bitcoin debit card which you can use at any ATM machine to quickly transfer bitcoin back into your local currency.


Bitcoin is a God send to the entrepreneurs building home based and internet based businesses. Traditional merchant accounts are a gigantic hassle and they end up working like extortion rackets with their high fees to business owners. They’re resitrictive and when they don’t understand your business model they can shut you down quickly.

Bitcoin merchant platforms and PeerToPeer liberty to transact is a massive disruptive trent in this arena that business owners are just starting to discover. You are free to build your business when you’re using bitcoin to transact value with platforms such as “Coinpayments” and “BitPay” and others sure to come.

Other solutions include more “merchant platforms” which are making it easier and more “mainstream” to be able to pay via bitcoin at the point of purchase both on ecommerce sites as well as in person in shops, restaurants and businesses of all kinds. Experts say as cryptocurrency and bitcoin are accepted more and more in the mainstream and on “Main Street” by the masses globally, it could positively impact the future value of bitcoin. Can you see bitcoin valued at above $5,000 – $10,000 in the near future?

How to Setup Your Coinbase and Blockchain Account…

We’ll be integrating bitcoin as one of our processors for all our products and programs. We’ll also be using them to payout commissions to affiliates.

Coinbase for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency
Create your free coinbase account here so you can buy and sell bitcoin.

Blockchain for Storing, Sending and Receiving Bitcoin
Create your free Blockchain wallet account here and also download the Blockchain app to your phone. It’s your secure “wallet” for storing bitcoin. You use it to send and receive bitcoin from anyone, anywhere in the world. More and more merchants, shops and businesses are taking bitcoin as payment for their products and services and paying via your wallet with Blockchain is the fastest, easiest way.

What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Like paper money and gold before it, bitcoin is a currency that allows parties to exchange value. Unlike its predecessors, bitcoin is digital and decentralized. For the first time in history, people can exchange value without intermediaries which translates to greater control of funds and lower fees.

Why use Bitcoin?

You use bitcoin for many of the same reasons you opt to send an email, stream a movie, or download a song. It’s faster, cheaper, more secure and immutable. And its uses extend beyond the peer to peer payments. In many places, bitcoin is less volatile than the local currency so some use it to store value while others use it to consume at hundreds of thousands of vendors across the globe and online.

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Coinbase is Where You Can Buy and Sell Bitcoin – Setup Your Free Account

Coinbase Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

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Blockchain is Your Secure, Global Bitcoin Wallet – Setup Your Free Account

Blockchain Coinbase Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Digital Money Freedom Liberty Money

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