BITCOIN PROGRAMS: Passive Programs Put Your Money to Work For You – No Sales – No Recruiting to Make Money in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investing & Mining

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There are 4 main ways to make money in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies:

  1. Own and Hold.
  2. Trade Cryptocurrencies.
  3. Make Loans to Traders. Earn Daily.
  4. Mining. Buy mining contracts. Earn Daily.

Bitcoin Education

What is bitcoin? Click here.

Bitcoin Basics: Click here.

BITCONNECT: Own the Bitconnect Coin for Appreciation & Make Loan Contracts to Earn Daily Interest. I do both.

Bitconnect Coin Tutorial Simple Freedom

I found Bitconnect while analyzing CoinMarketCap for cryptocurrency values. I noticed the value of their coin was having nice run ups and was consistently rising so I wanted to own some in my crypto portfolio.

At their website I deposited some bitcoin $BTC and then exchanged it for Bitconnect Coin $BCC. It was simple to do and just like that, I’ve been holding BitConnect Coin for a while and watching it rise in price.

I also learned another way you can put your money to work at BitConnect by making loans to them so they can use that capital to trade while paying me a daily percentage on my money, which I get back in 299 days. There is a chart at the website that shows what percentage you earn daily for certain amounts of loan contracts. They’ve been active for over two years and paying daily with stability, so I took out a $200 Loan Contract to test and they’ve been paying me about .70% on average daily.

Earning about 1.5% every two days (22.5% per month) and getting your principle back in 299 days is not a bad way to have your money working for you (that would be 270% per year). When I “take profits off the table” after a solid bitcoin $BTC run up, this is one of the places I take them to keep them working for me (aside from cash, gold/silver or into some $MGTI stock in my Etrade).

There is no recruiting or direct selling required to make money with BitConnect but they do have a nice affiliate program where you earn a percentage of transactions when people use your affiliate link to join and then create loans.

Review BitConnect Here. MINING: Cloud Mining of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies for Daily Earnings. Passive. You buy “Hash Power” and they Mine Bitcoin for You. Daily Payouts 1% avg. No Recruiting Required.

HashFlare Bitcoin Mining Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency

I found HashFlare Mining when searching for options where I can get into bitcoin mining. They are the quietest program I found but, in my opinion, so far the best. Their mining contracts are half the cost of other good mining programs which means I can buy DOUBLE the “hash power” here for the same price than in other mining programs.

Example: I bought 2 Thz/s (“two terra hash”) mining here for $240. That same price bought me just 1 Thz/s at Hashing24. The more “hash power” you buy, the more you earn. HashFlare has been paying out daily at an average of 1% per day on 2 Thz/s mining contracts.

It’s easy to buy mining hash power here. You can buy with bitcoin (fastest) or with a credit card. You can also automatically reinvest your daily earnings to buy more hash power.

There is no “direct selling” or affiliate recruiting required to make money here. I use this as another smart option to put some of my profits to work for me after I take them off the table during bitcoin run ups. It diversifies my holdings but keeps them working for me.

If you’re a full time affiliate marketer making solid commissions in your direct sales or networking programs, this is another place you can park some cash so it earns daily for you.

NOTE: I only buy the SHA256 Mining Contract as that is for bitcoin mining.

Click here to review HashFlare and start mining today!

Hashing24 MINING: Passive Daily Payouts from Mining Contracts. No Recruiting Required. No Direct Sales. Solid Mining Contracts for Daily Earnings. Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio.

Hashing24 Bitcoin Mining Simple Freedom Cryptocurrency

I like Hashing24 too. Their contracts are more expensive than HashFlare but they payout consistently, have a great, easy to use website and have been very stable. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket so I recommend at some point to spread your passive mining programs around.

What you want to do is open an account then review their mining contracts and buy one. You’ll start receiving your daily payouts within 24 hours. I recommend getting 2 Thz/s contracts so you can earn 1% daily on average. You can buy smaller contracts however, your daily earnings will be less. At any rate, it feels good to have your excess cash working for you and compounding as even 1.5% every two days still delivers about 22.5% monthly which is 270% per year on your money.

Click here to create your Hashing24 account and start mining bitcoin!

AFFILIATE MARKETERS: Are you an affiliate marketer that likes promoting programs in the “Biz Op” niche? You’ll want to review the two affiliate programs below as they payout commissions with leverage and in Bitcoin – A great way to merge your internet marketing skills to accumulate bitcoin…

1OnlineBusiness: Great affiliate program where you can earn bitcoin with leverage.

CryptoFundRaiser: Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency investment and trading education. Affiliate program payouts instantly using bitcoin. Solid place to run traffic, build a network and earn bitcoin with leverage.

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