The Truth About Benghazi – Hillary Clinton Brokered Illegal Arms Deals with Libyan Rebels?

by Franco on October 11, 2016

Hillary’s Benghazi Fiasco Exposed: Did Hillary Clinton Broker Illegal Arms Deals with Libyan Rebels that Spiraled Out of Control…

…and Allowed the Taliban and ISIS to Receive American Surface to Air Missiles that Downed an American Chinook Helicopter and Armed ISIS for the Syrian ‘Regime Change’ War?

Hillary Clinton Illegal Gun Running Scheme in Libya and Syria?

If this is true, then Obama and Hillary Clinton committed serious crimes, including treason.

According to investigative journalists and official sources, Ambassador Christopher Stevens was sent to Benghazi, post haste, in order to retrieve US made Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional oversight or permission.

Hillary Clinton brokered the deal through Stevens and a private arms dealer named Marc Turi.

Taliban Used US Stinger Missles to Down Chinook Helicopter

Subsequent to that, some of the shoulder fired missiles ended up in Afghanistan used against our own military. It was July 25th, 2012 when a Chinook helicopter was taken down by one of our own Stingers, but the idiot Taliban didn’t arm the missile and the Chinook didn’t explode, but had to land anyway.

An ordnance team recovered the serial number off the missile which led back to a cache of Stingers being kept in Qatar by the CIA. Obama and Hillary were now in full panic mode and Stevens was sent in to retrieve the rest of the Stingers.

Benghazi was a “Do-or-Die” Covert Mission: Hillary Clinton let them die to cover her ass…

This was a “do-or-die” mission, which explains the stand down orders given to multiple commando teams. It was the State Department, not the CIA that supplied them to our sworn enemies, because Petraeus (Director of CIA at the time) wouldn’t supply these deadly weapons due to their potential use on commercial aircraft.

Hillary Clinton Truth Benghazi Libya Arms Deals Syria ISIS

General Petraeus Wouldn’t Go Along with the Fraudulent Story: Obama and Hillary Destroyed Him for it…

Then, Obama threw General Petraeus under the bus after he refused to testify that he agreed to the talking points about a spontaneous uprising due to a YouTube video. Obama and Hillary committed treason. This is what the investigation is all about, and why she had a private server, (in order to delete the digital evidence), and why Obama, two weeks after the attack, told the UN that the attack was because of a YouTube video, even though everyone knew it was not.


The Taliban Knew Obama & Hillary were Exposed: Taliban Hustled them for Return of Five (5) Taliban Generals…

Further, the Taliban knew that this administration aided and abetted the enemy without congressional approval when Boehner created the Select Committee on Benghazi, and the Taliban began pushing the Obama administration for the release of 5 Taliban Generals.

Bowe Bergdahl was just a pawn. Everyone knew that. So it may appear that we have a traitor as POTUS that is not only corrupt, but compromised and a woman that is a serial liar, perjured herself multiple times at the hearing whom is running for POTUS.

Partners in Crime: Has Obama Been Covering Up For Hillary Clinton the Whole Time To Cover Himself?

Only the liberals, with their hands out, palms up, will support her. Perhaps this is why no military aircraft was called in, because the administration knew our enemies had Stingers. This might also explain why the Obama administration may have had a significant reason to use as much influence and leverage as possible with his Justice Department in the way in which the criminal investigation was conducted by Comey at the FBI.

Immunity or Cover Up? Why Would the FBI Hand Out 5 Immunity Deals to Key Clinton Staffers: And Get Absolutely NOTHING in Return?

Why else would so many key Clinton staffers receive immunity deals without really being used to move forward with a prosecution of Hillary Clinton? Why would the FBI think it had enough criminal evidence to make 5 different immunity deals with staffers, but then mysteriously not recommend prosecution of Clinton?

It makes it appear as if those deals were not immunity deals at all but rather, cover up deals to cover Hillary, and indirectly, to cover Obama.

Hillary Clinton and the Truth Benghazi Libya Arms Deals

Horrific Judgment: No Resolution – This Fiasco Has Led to the Killing of Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent People, has Destroyed Nations Which Were Stable Before and has Provided Absolutely Zero Answers on Key Questions…

The entire fiasco has left far more questions than it has answered and that’s only been made worse by the continuing fountain of email and document leaks regarding Clinton which seem to keep flowing from whistleblower site, WikiLeaks. Could those leaks be originating from inside of the Clinton camp?

To get more of a complete understanding of what actually happened, the following links to investigative journalist reports regarding Hillary’s connection to the matter are very helpful.

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  • aschark

    I read all about this on October 28, 2012, just before the Presidential election, in the Canada Free Press, written by Doug Hagmann, an International Investigator. The site is:

  • Drew Page

    Somebody knows. Somebody always knows. Our government has treated American citizens like mushrooms, to be kept in the dark and fed B.S. All of the underhanded, backroom deals cut without the knowledge or approval of Congress always wind up being hidden ” in the interests of national security”. Why were so many of our CIA operatives in Libya when Benghazi was attacked? What were they doing there? Why were those CIA operatives sworn to secrecy about their presence and activities in Libya, upon their return to the U.S. following the attack on Benghazi?

    We pull of of Iraq and leave billions in armaments, tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks, artillery, mortars, small arms ammunition, anti-tank weapons, RPGs and shoulder fired stinger missiles for ISIS to just pick up and use against anyone in their way, including U.S. troops. Too much trouble to load all those armaments back onto the ships that brought them and ship them back to U.S. military bases? Who were the geniuses that decided to leave all this war material for our enemy, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense, the Commander-In- Chief? The pull out from Iraq was planned months in advance. There was plenty of time to remove all of our military arms, ammunition, equipment and supplies so they wouldn’t fall into the hands of the enemy and yet, IT WASN’T DONE.

  • kirkmcloren

    Always a struggle finding the truth but all internet traffic that crosses our border is routinely archived by NSA, always has been. Any email sent to or from the US is archived. New York pissed and moaned about legality so the wire traffic (cable) was uplinked to a satellite in England and downlinked in Va. ALL the cable traffic is echoed , analyzed sort of, recorded and stored in a salt mine for perusal if needed. We keep more records than the Stazi.

  • kirkmcloren

    absolutely, their motto is “ordo ab chao” order from chaos and they are generating the chaos. The order will be their dictatorship. Obama and Hillary are soldiers. I imagine you already suspect you know some of the board members of this octopus.

  • Drew Page

    Very serious and very compelling charges are being made by Wikileaks and those repeating the Wikileaks allegations. Let’s see the proof. Show the e-mails and other written documents that verify the charges. If Chris Stevens was ordered to retrieve stinger missiles, that were being sent from Libya to Syria, were the orders written or verbal? If verbal, were is the sworn testimony verifying those orders? If Patraeus knows about orders to retrieve U.S. stinger missiles supplied by the CIA to Libya, Syria and the Taliban, he should be subpoenaed by Congress to testify, and if necessary, be given immunity. We also need to know how U.S. stinger missiles got into the hands of the Taliban. Were they leftovers from the stinger missiles Congressman Charlie Wilson provided Afghanistan to drive out the Russians? Who is responsible for constantly supplying our enemies with American armaments?

  • Great points. These are puppets executing their orders.

  • I’m looking at this information from a deep-state point of view. I do not believe that Obama and Clinton would take their own initiative to arm ISIS–somebody in the foreign policy establishment decided that’s what we’ll do. The white-hot panic Clinton displays over Wikileaks is second to the white-hot panic she and Obama have over a non-Clinton presidency. No president has prosecuted his predecessor for crimes regardless of their gravity–Nixon didn’t go after LBJ for manufacturing the Gulf of Tonkin attack, Clinton didn’t go after the Iran Contra villains, and Obama has kept NATO allies from bringing war crime charges against W. There are no guarantees that a President Trump will let sleeping dogs lie (Trump has already said Clinton should be in jail). Bernie also wouldn’t be forgiving should he be the guy, which is probably why the DNC pulled out all the stops to game the primary. the Neocons have wanted Assad out of the way for several decades, and they’re going to get it.

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