Your MLM or Network Marketing Business is NOT about your product or compensation plan

by Franco on February 26, 2015

FOCUS on Adding Value to the REAL Value

It’s not about the “products” or “compensation”….

EVERYBODY has those.

Never rely on things that can easily and instantly be commoditized….

…the one thing they can’t get anywhere else is YOU.

Make THAT more valuable and it’s so much easier.

*YOU* are the product.

The real question then is…

Are you worth the purchase price to others?

Are you worth their commitment?

Once I figured that little equation out, everything changed.

How’d I figure that out?

A couple ways. First, I looked and studied what the top producers online were actually doing to build up their list, influence and credibility. Then I started to study ALL the marketing and advertising around me. I studied the psychology being used by major brands like Apple, Starbucks, Progressive Insurance, Chase Bank, McDonald’s and Barnes & Noble.

I read EVERYTHING I could find on marketing, advertising and the psychology of human behavior. Influence. Persuasion. I surrounded myself with it and the masters who know the craft. I suggest you do as well. Study everything you can find on ATTRACTION MARKETING and LIST BUILDING and also CONSULTATIVE SELLING and SALES MASTERY. You’ll do well to focus on mastering the core skills of NETWORK MARKETING and AFFILIATE MARKETING too.

In fact here’s a quick tip:

Go to and search for books on marketing, advertising and brand development etc. And just look with mind wide open. Read the titles, the subtitles, the chapter of contents. Read introductions and forwards. Soak it all up. It’s all staring you right in the face.

That’s one of the most coveted places to be as a professional copywriter and book marketer. It’s VERY competitive there and only the best SELLERS and MARKETERS of the books get there and stay there. What better place to start learning the real craft? They pay those copywriters and marketing consultants MAJOR MONEY to be able to create book covers, titles, subtitles and slogans to sell those books to complete strangers without a “warm up.”

It’s a great place to learn some persuasive language and branding.

That’s what I started doing.

I also bought and studied every course I could find online. Every system. Every guru. Everything. I figured, if I’m going to want to master this stuff, then I better be willing to invest BIG TIME in my own skill development, knowledge of the material and mastery of the craft.

And it paid off BIG TIME!

Here I am, whipping up blog posts and Facebook stuff that sells all day and night, every single day of the year, and I’ve not clocked into a job in over 14 years.

Master the craft.

Do whatever it takes. It’s worth it. Because I got truly serious about it like this, it just all got so much easier.

All of a sudden a whole new world began to open up and it was like that moment in the movie “The Matrix” where Neo finally really “gets it” and starts seeing “the code” with ease.

It’s a whole different world when you realize two things:

1. YOU are the product.

2. How to add immense value to YOU (the product).

And you can do that right here on my VIP Training List:

See you inside,


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