10 Ways to Attract traffic to your site part 2

by Franco on December 11, 2007

Another great way to use free services to market your articles and create traffic to your site is by joining blog carnivals and blogger communities. A blog carnival is a post that summarizes the best content from several different resources that have been published in a given week. A blog community is a group of bloggers who have similar information on a particular topic, and is a great way to get your site listed. Join MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog.

Comment on other bloggers posts. If your comment is approved you will receive a link leading to your site. Besides, don’t you love it when visitors comment on your posts? This builds your link popularity and link love from the search engines. The best posts to comment on are the ones that are newly posted and the ones that you can spark good conversation with.

Become an active member in niche related forums. Find a few forums that will fit with your niche and ones that you feel comfortable posting in. Once you have participated several times and are a regular, you will gain more credibility with other readers and the author of the website. Make sure that, if the blog allows, you have and include a signature and that it has a link back to your blog. The more helpful and consistent you are within the forum, the more quickly your efforts will pay off with a solid and .

Use trackbacks to comment on other people’s blog posts directly on your site. This is a great way to build your readership. If the other blogger has enabled trackbacks, you will more than likely get their attention and they may even put a link or post about you on their blog.

is an easy but important step that is more often than not overlooked by new bloggers. If you want visitors to be able to bookmark your site, you need to make sure that your social bookmarking buttons are easy to find and that you have several to choose from. After a while you will see which ones are being used more often, and which ones that may not be used at all. Although its good to have several to choose from, its better to have a few rather than too many.

Along with social bookmarking, you will want to join social networking sites. The most well known are myspace and facebook, but, you will want to find networking sites that are directly related to your niche. Remember as in the forums you want to contribute as much as possible as long as you are friendly and helpful. Before you know it, you will become a prominent figure within those groups.

You will find a great deal of information on this subject and other subjects regarding copywriting, attraction marketing, and list building among others contained here on this site. If you take some time and look around, you will also find that I employ many of the techniques if not all of the ones I have listed above, here on my own site. is one of the best places to send your traffic, if your into internet marketing

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