How to Self Publish Your Book on Amazon with Trisha Barnes

by Franco on May 3, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Trisha Barnes Shares How to Self Publish Your Book on Amazon.


In this on location exclusive interview, we sit down with Author,  Internet Marketer, Social Media Marketing Entrepreneur, and Full Time RV Living enthusiast, Trisha Barnes and her husband Bruce Barnes of “The Naked Hippies Roadtrip” and we talk about the process of self publishing your book on

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Self publishing on Amazon for Kindle is all the rage and for good reason. The exposure and branding alone that you can get and leverage from having your own book available and promoted on Amazon can be a huge marketing tool and “lead magnet” for you no matter what business you’re in.

You create perceived and real “separation” in your market from your competitors by being published, which is a key advantage in your personal branding that you can leverage to create buzz, generate more exposure and traffic to your blog and social networks and depending on your promotion and how you lay out and market your book, it can be the best “business card” and lead generator you ever create.

Trisha Barnes Book RV Living The Naked Hippies Way

The market on Amazon is massive.

No matter what business niche you practice in, there is a giant market you can tap into by having your content available for download and drop shipping on Amazon. Your book on Amazon can also be a great lead generating front end retail product that can fund other advertising strategies, with the opportunity to earn royalties from Amazon of up to 70% coupled with he fact that there is no limit to how many books you can create, publish and distribute on the Amazon platform.

Just imagine, making a decision to focus and get to work, and create a line of 3-5 books, published on Amazon and strategically created with niche specific titles, descriptions and list building, lead magnet content inside them… how powerful would that be in your existing business right now?


In short, there a few important steps in the process and you want to get them right.

  1. WRITE YOUR BOOK. You need to create a relevant, high quality piece of content that is valuable to the people in your market. Trisha’s book is 113 pages. I’ve ordered other books in the 250 page range and still others well over 750 pages. So the length of your book depends on what content you want to cover and what stories you want to share with your readers. Don’t get hung up on length of your book. Just write it.
  2. FORMATTING YOUR BOOK. You need to format your file for both KINDLE and CREATESPACE which is the platform Amazon uses for physical books (paper back and hard back etc). They give you requirements to follow so your file is formatted correctly.
  3. COVER ART. You need to create the art work for the front cover, back cover and spine (for physical books) of your book.
  4. BOOK LAYOUT. Your internal layout is important and includes your pre title page, title page, copyright and ISBN number page or section, dedication, table of contents, about page (call to action or link page to blog and social networks), forward page, afterword page, resources page, acknowledgements page and author information page. This process and organization to your book allows it to be a great read, quality content piece as well as a great promotion, lead generation and relationship building tool for you and your business.
  5. AMAZON LISTING INFO. You then want to focus on creating a keyword focused (SEO) and attractive title, subtitle, description and author’s bio sections for your listing information on the Amazon platform. If you get this part right and combine the right kind of keywords in these elements and match it up with your business, your book listing on Amazon can (and should) become another 24/7 branding and promotion vehicle for you that can be attracting new, targeted people to you, your book and your business night and day creating leads, prospects and customers/clients.
  6. PROMOTION & MARKETING. With your book published and available on Amazon 24 hours a day, you now can focus on marketing and promotion of your book by linking to it from every single social platform and website you own.


You have options.

You can of course, review google, youtube, amazon and search for courses, info, videos and other information to do it yourself. The information is out there. You can certainly get it down all by yourself and figure it out as you go.

Some people prefer to avoid the time lag and frustration of having to sift and sort through the massive amounts of information out there and they prefer to leverage the knowledge of someone who’s already done it and figured out some smart short cuts along the way. If you’re that kind of person, here’s what I’d recommend you do:

  1. Buy Trisha’s book on amazon here. That way you’ll have a real working example of a self published book that was written with the social media marketer, internet marketer entrepreneur in mind.Trisha’s intention to self publish her book on RV Living was very specific. Beyond providing a high quality experience to her readers in her niche, she specifically wanted to create a tool (her book on amazon) to help her in attracting targeted people (exposure), generating new traffic from a totally new source for her (amazon) and she specifically created her book to be a lead generator for her as well.

    So if you’d like to create a book to do those things for you too, then the best thing you can do is buy it and have it on hand as a “template” or guide. You can click here to order it and I suggest you grab both the kindle and the paper back versions because there are some key differences in them that allow them to be the most effective in their separate platforms. Have them both and you’ll have a complete “pattern” to model.

  2. Follow Trisha on facebook, twitter and her blog here. By following her, you can have instant access to her should you have any questions or want more specific assistance.
  3. Schedule a consultation with her if you’re more interested in personal guidance, mentorship to coaching on how to get this done in the most efficient way possible. She offers a free consultation here.

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