TRUMP Pulls Out of TPP Revamping Trade Huge Blow to Globalism

by Franco on January 23, 2017

TRUMP KILLS TPP: Huge Blow to Globalism with President Trump Working to Revamp Trade and Jobs for the American Worker…

Bloomberg using some slick spin on this trying to minimize it and saying it was “low-hanging fruit” but people who follow real news and how this all developed, TPP only became low hanging fruit because Trump brought it up on the campaign to huge popular support.

Without Trump, the Obama administration, Clinton, the democrats and even the GOP establishment led by neocons and globalists were all trying to slide it buy without even reading the details of what it was.

Nice try bloomberg, but we’re awake over here.

Here’s what bloomberg had to say…

With the stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump abruptly ended the decades-old U.S. tilt toward free trade by signing an executive order to withdraw from an Asia-Pacific accord that had been promoted by companies including Nike Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. as well as family farmers and ranchers.

“Great thing for the American worker, what we just did,” Trump said on Monday after signing an order withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership accord with 11 other nations. He didn’t take any step to initiate a renegotiation of the Nafta deal with Mexico and Canada, but an aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said action on the accord is still in the works.

“We’ve been talking about this a long time,” Trump said.


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