LIVE with Alex Jones – Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich at Infowars Austin Texas

by Franco on April 17, 2017

LIVE with Alex Jones – Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich at Infowars Austin Texas:

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The globalist funded and controlled “main stream media” is dying.

They’ve lost the argument in the free market of ideas and nobody’s buying the lies and bullshit they’re selling.

So they’re desperate.

As Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich explain in the video above, it’s an all out war now against anyone and any alternative platform that dares to build an influential audience and disagree with the “establishment” agenda and fake narratives.

The globalist and dying fake stream media has launched a full on assault on alternative media, truth media networks and platforms like Infowars, Michael Savage, Drudge Report and so many other influencers, news aggregaters and media brands that dare disagree with their media and propaganda agenda.

They’ve launched vicious campaigns to demonitize their YouTube channels, pressured advertisers and sponsors not to work with them, taken them out of advert networks like adRoll and now they’ve launched another phase:

Google is working now with contractors to de-index and de-list their websites so that they show up less and less on search engines. By lowering their link ranking they can, in effect, make their posts and reports disappear from the search engines in synthetic, malicious ways.

On another front, they’re using the useless idiot, wage slave, keyboard mercenary sell outs (aka: “journalists”) to write hit piece after hit piece almost immediately after each tweet they make or video upload to YouTube, and often it’s just a pile of fabricated and out-of-context stretched bash pieces and negative trolling.

After posting their hit pieces they then get their troll and bot (fake) armies on social media to retweet their nonsense in an effort to “manufacture consent” and fake people into thinking there is organic outrage and consensus against their content or reporting.

Pathetically, it’s all fake.

That’s where “journalism” is at today. That’s what they get by hiring a bunch of pseudo-intellectual, politically weaponized keyboard mercenary millenials right out of college, up to their eyeballs in student loan debt, arrogance and cultural marxist indoctrination. This is the fruit of the leftist educational system indoctrination camps.

That’s how low energy, fake and malicious the so-called “journalism” mercenaries and “main stream media” is these days. It just shows how desperate they really are. I mean, think of it…

If you were “main stream” and “professional journalism,” why would you ever have to give so much time and attention to alternative voices that you also claim are “discredited”, small, non-influencial and unimportant?

Why so much fear? Why so much hate and trolling?

The answer is obvious.

They’ve lost the argument in the free market of ideas.

People are rejecting their ideas. They can’t win the debate.

They’re being massively rejected en masse by people.

They’re dying.

They’re lying.

And they know it.

That’s the only reason they’d invest so much human, time and financial resources to attack people they like to laugh at and mock in their little (empty) echo-chambers on twitter.

You can’t have it both ways dying old media…

You can’t, out of one side of your mouth, claim that the alternative media is just a pack of clowns and “conspiracy theorists” who aren’t relevant; and then, out the other side of your fraudulent mouth, invest massively in synthetic social media troll and bot armies, and human resources to obsess on their every tweet and video and create hit peaces daily on them taking their sarcasm “literally” and stretching anything way out of context in obvious ways.

The people aren’t stupid.

They see exactly how desperate this all is and so, even more people rush, en masse, to experience these very same alternative voices and hear, for themselves, what the message, reporting and opinions really are.

Ironically, you then become the best promoters of the “New Media” and one of the main “marketing vehicles” for the very same voices you aim at silencing. In effect, your fear, hate and desperation is turning up their volume and sending them massive amounts of additional exposure… for free.

Thanks, idiots.

RIP old, tired, fraudulent, so-called “main stream” media.

You’re done.

You’re the “establishment” everyone laughs at and hates now.

And you did this to yourself.

For those who wish to be awakened, follow these alternative voices. We are the new media:
Paul Joseph Watson
Mike Cernovich
Stefan Molyneux

By following them, you’ll be lead to other powerful, “outside the bs box” voices.

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