LEAKED Leftists Coup Takes Over Fox News War on Alternative Media

by Franco on December 15, 2016

LEAKED: Leftist Coup Takes Over Fox News | War on Alternative Media

Developing Story: Leftist Establishment Ramping Up the War Against Free Speech and Alternative Media

Inside the trenches at the Infowars studios.

Watch live news being broadcast, teleprompter free, information direct mail warehouse, production offices and real time stream updates by Alex Jones and crew.

Dispelling lies, spin and distortions the leftist establishment uses to control public opinion. ¬†Analyzing the background intel and “inside baseball” on the intent of the fake news questionable narratives being pushed by the so-called ‘main-stream-media.’

“Russian election rigging.”

“Russians hacking the elections.”

“Fake news by the alternative/conservative media.”

The establishment plan to silence dissenting media and attack free speech.

And more…

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